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Yury Kuklachev has had an accident

On road from Samara to Orenburg at the bus on which the actor and its thirty cats went, the wheel

the Black period of failures has flown away has started to pursue the well-known cat`s trainer in Samara where it has acted one of these days.

we will remind that the actor in our city have impudently robed. At night on the eve of the Samara premiere of Kuklacheva in Officers` Club from facing hostel the Wave the bus unknown persons have pulled out the sound and light equipment. Have taken also which - that from an actor`s requisite. But, fortunately, have not encroached on 30 cats who at the moment of breaking sat in the cages in the bus. And still night thieves - circus actors have pulled down the cat`s soundtrack (cats dance under the Dog waltz . - a bus Comment) . Therefore already before Yury Kuklacheva`s concert behind side scenes was not - it went to buy a new audio equipment and hastily to copy from archival videocassettes plywood for the pupils.

in general to correct an unforeseen situation to the command of Kuklacheva it was possible with considerable work. Concerts have passed in Samara on hurrah but failures of the trainer have not ended...

to Orenburg - on poputke!

Orenburg was a following city in Yury`s tour program. But also there in time to begin the concerts to it it was not possible. As correspondents, on Thursday evening, directly on border of the Samara and Orenburg areas, " have found out; unlucky the bus with actors having a tail has run away - the wheel has burst. The car has moved aside, but the driver has managed to brake on the roadside. And zapasku the broken pump you will not pump up... To the nearest settlement - Buzuluk - pair of tens kilometres. . The bus driver became to catch driving by truckers that those have helped with repair. Kuklachev after long expectation has given up as a bad job and on poputke (!) Has gone to Orenburg. And the well-known clever cats some more hours dryhli in deserted steppe - the driver pumped up zapasku ...

Shower me with tomatoes!

Such frightened trainer Kuklacheva, seemingly, still nobody saw.

- on passing to ten in a city we rushed with speed of 140 kilometres per hour! Fortunately, any GAI officer not tormoznul... - he has told to the correspondent.

though and with small, but nevertheless delay Yury Kuklachev has stepped on the stage before dejected spectators. One, mjau, without ensemble...

- you can shower me with tomatoes or eggs! - in an impulse has cried out in a hall koshkovod. - But, believe, not my fault that representation breaks. Exchange, please, your tickets for tomorrow`s representation. Places are. However, not on the first rows... A difference to you will return. And the most important thing: All of you - taki present to the children a feast.

at each cat - a separate bowl

In some hours the bus has approached on the Orenburg recreation centre with shaggy stars - any of cats during not set tour tour has not suffered. By the way, in the cat`s bus for them the special luggage compartment where animals does not shake is built. At each cat - the warmed room...

despite all scrapes, to Samara Kuklachev not in offence. The actor remembers our city as beautiful and roughly developing ...

Angela DOBROVOLSKY (- Orenburg ),
Dmitry`s BURLAKOVA Photo.