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Heat will be in two weeks

Yesterday fathers of a city have signed the decision about the cold season beginning in Samara. However goradministratsii Vladimir Vasilenko has explained the deputy head what warm all houses at once kommunalshchiki all the same cannot. Therefore real thaw in apartments samartsam should be expected within two weeks - to whom as will carry. But and kindergartens officials have decided to warm schools first of all.

- to us for this purpose all days off it was necessary to work, - Vladimir Andreevich has complained to journalists. - I constantly was in a mode of the report with the mayor...

according to the officials, the nearest three days in a city the temperature +1 - +6 degrees will keep. And in the end of last week the daily average temperature above +8 did not rise. Therefore, according to engineering norms, the city authorities have decided - taki to heat up batteries. According to Vladimir Vasilenko, only three boiler-houses - two on Mehzavode and one around the prospectus of Young Pioneers today do not work. But also they in the nearest should two weeks to revive .

Officials promise, what even at distressful tenants of houses ZHSK and TSZH next winter of problems with heating will not be. But to inhabitants so-called soldier`s houses (they are on balance at military men. - bus comments) kommunalshchiki yet do not promise fast heat - the Minister of Defence and has not paid off with suppliers teploenergii for last year. Therefore now military men buildings want to pass municipality.