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Oksana has delivered... At itself!

Having seen that the woman gives birth, it 50 - the summer mother-in-law in shock has run out in a corridor

In maternity home 21 - summer Oksana Grigoriev was brought by doctors fast . Having seen the new patient, hospital nurses have begun to groan: to a chest the woman carefully pressed the born son all 15 minutes ago...

there lives Oksana together with 3 - the summer son, the husband and the mother-in-law in a hostel. Works as the seller in the market in 15 - m microdistrict. Despite autumn frosts, the pregnant woman in the street traded. Therefore, when in 10 mornings at Oksana the first fights have begun, samarchanka has decided that it is professional illness: Probably, a waist has chilled...

- me in September in consultation have told that, judging by a fruit arrangement to go to me also to go, - young mum tells. - only at midday I have understood that term has come, and has gone home to gather. I did not feel a severe pain, therefore have been assured that time still is. Has gone home - to take a shower, collect in hospital of a thing and documents...

childbirth the hot shower

has accelerated Houses, except the mother-in-law, was nobody: the father of family works as the driver in a military part. While the mother-in-law collected a bag, under a hot shower the pain at Oksana has amplified. The fifty years` woman has there and then run on hostel watch - to call fast . And having returned through pair minutes, has seized for heart: waters at the daughter - in-law have already departed also it with might and main gave birth! In shock the woman left in a corridor, zaprichitala: What to do? What to do?!

- and already to do - that and nothing, - through a door a quiet voice Oksana who has safely become by mother in second time has responded.

when the grandmother has a little come to the senses and has returned to a room, it needed to wrap only the newborn in a diaper and to put mothers on a stomach. And here and fast Has appeared in time. Krohe cut and have fastened an umbilical cord then mother and the child have brought to delivery room 20 regional clinical cardiological clinics (SOKKD), known in the people as the Geneva cross .

Doctors are revolted heroism Oksanas

- How much to me has carried, I have understood, only when have arrived to maternity home, - have told to the correspondent happy mum Oksana, to itself the accoucheur . - Doctors have been revolted by mine heroism . And little girls - neigbours in chamber - envied. They as porasskazali, that naterpelis while gave birth... I, of course, terribly was frightened, when have started to give birth at home. But the present happiness is worthy of it!

the kid was born the healthy: the weight - 4470 grammes, growth - 58 see the Name to the newborn yet have not given - the father himself names the baby. amateur the lying-in woman too feels normally. At house Sorts the woman did not have any complications, any rupture. Oksana had a milk, eats kroha with appetite, and the kid has transferred the first inoculation without complications.


Elena MYTSAK, the doctor - the gynecologist of delivery room 20 SOKKD, Oksana`s attending physician:

- the Woman in the XXI-st century gives birth not clearly where and as! It is awful. After all could occur anything you like - a bleeding at the woman, a winding an umbilical cord at the child. To Oksana with the son has marvellously carried. On a broader scale, now women without problems meet health extremely seldom. On - to it preliminary hospitalisation is simply necessary. And if houses the pregnant woman feels even an insignificant pain, it is necessary to call immediately 03 .

the Maya FORD.
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