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Artists have gone from realism to a modernism

About 100 works razlichnyhhudozhestvennyh directions visitors of the Museum of the Novgorod earth

Among them realistic landscapes and Oleg Saulova`s still-lifes, Nikolay Andreeva`s decorative works and abstract painting of AleksandraOligerova will see.

it is especially interesting to examine the pictures of one author executed vraznye the periods of life. In them it is possible to track painting movement vovremeni. From here and the exposition name - From realism kmodernizmu . Each picture is filled by personal experiences which artists want to share.

- usually exhibitions of several authors are arranged on printsipupohozhesti, - has told uchastnikvystavki Oleg Saulov. - at all of us to the contrary. At everyone the sobstvennyjvzgljad on creativity, the direction and the technician. But it not meshaetuvazhat a position and philosophy of the colleague, in what style it would not work. Therefore the idea of this exhibition in showing pictures imennonepohozhie against each other.

the exhibition works till July, 29th vmuzee art culture of the Novgorod earth (Desjatinnyj a monastery, 3) daily from 10 o`clock till 17 o`clock. The day off Monday.

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