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Svetlana Tsurkan: Pledge of health of the woman - a happy matrimony and favourite work

responds To questions of readers the main accoucheur - the gynecologist of a city administration of Samara, the candidate of medical sciences, a leah the senior lecturer

Can pass a myoma in a cancer

- Hello, my name is Ljubov Tihonovna. To me of 56 years. A leah tell, please, the myoma recovers? At me it 12 weeks.

- the Myoma is the good-quality tumour, one of the most widespread diseases at women. The doctor appoints treatment depending on age of the patient and from an arrangement of the myoma in a uterus cavity. If there are no bleedings, pains which demand urgent operative intervention, usually appoint dispansernoe supervision. I advise to you regularly to visit the doctor - the gynecologist that it has picked up that method of treatment which will approach you.

- In that is continually that the doctor at all does not select any treatment!

- And a myoma as - that disturbs you?

- is not present.

- Then supervision in your case - the best variant. With approach menopauzy the sizes of a tumour should decrease, as a rule. What for to hurry up with operation and to interfere with such thin thing, how organism regulation?

- yes, but it would be desirable, that the head was not ill any more...

- And that the head was not ill - regularly go to an office of the gynecologist. Operative removal of a uterus after all too is not absolutely good. The body carries out certain function, and even at your age it is necessary to you.

- and can be, at me it is a lot of testosterone? Why it does not decrease?

- I like your competent approach to own health. The school of health works for us in 1 - j to Industrial region polyclinic for patients with a uterus myoma. There doctors during four employment tell, why there is this disease, as with it to live how to observe of the organism when it is necessary to be converted to the doctor. The school is in polyclinic in the street Poplars, in female consultation. For attached to this clinic of employment are spent free of charge. Natalia Vladimirovna Ljubitsky manages school, you can call by it to phone 52 - 56 - 18. Dialogue with women which have the same pathology, will help you to feel grounded in these questions.

- good afternoon! Svetlana Vasilevna, at me a uterus myoma. Tell, it can regenerate in a cancer?

- you can not worry: it very much rare occurences as the cancer develops from one cages, and a myoma - from others. Presently it is not proved that the myoma develops into a cancer. But nevertheless regularly go to the gynecologist.

If - the factor negative

- Svetlana Vasilevna, Victoria disturbs a Rhesus factor. Tell, please, at what age to give birth to children better? If to give birth to the first child after 25 years, there will be no complications?

- Now experts consider that the best genital age - from 20 till 35 years. The risk of presence of a congenital and hereditary pathology at a fruit, for example, a syndrome of Down at this time decreases. Well and, of course, at younger woman less than different diseases - a liver, kidneys...

- and what should be a break between the first and second child?

- Doctors consider that the break between sorts should be not less than two years. And on a broader scale all depends on your desire, health and a financial position.

- my name is Alla. At the girlfriend a negative Rhesus factor. So it has turned out that it could not take out the first child, doctors have advised to it to make abortion. She is very much stirred: a leah can become pregnant still?

- Fifteen percent of the population of globe have a Rhesus factor - negative blood. And women with such Rhesus factor give birth the same as also at whom it positive. However, there is one but . If at the father of the child a Rhesus factor positive and the kid inherits its blood type, the conflict is possible: mother to the negative factor can have a fruit tearing away. However, the conflict develops not so often. And now in female consultation there is a system of special supervision of future mums: at them weekly collect blood to trace, such conflict develops or not. If there are any problems, we have a perfect hospital, city clinical hospital 2 in which experts - neonatologi, accoucheurs - gynecologists by means of the special equipment conduct supervision over mum and the child. In general, your girlfriend can become pregnant, but she should remember supervision and necessarily regularly be surveyed at the gynecologist.

- and if and at the husband blood negative?

- Then problems at all will not be!

the double Dutch method will protect teenagers

the Best medicine for all illnesses - a happy family!

is Marina from Samara. Than is better will be protected in 15 - 16 years?

- At this time teenagers have changeable sexual partners. And it, mainly, terribly transfer of a HIV - infections. Therefore we recommend a so-called double Dutch method - use of a condom and reception of hormonal tablets. By the way, you, probably, know that many contraceptives now contain special medical components and help, for example, against akne (ugrevoj to a rash), painfull menstruatsijah.

- And what it is tablets?

- their Choice is very great. But it will be better, if they to you will be appointed by your gynecologist, depending on komplektsii and presence of any diseases. You can call by phone a hot line (8462 33 - 45 - 94. Or to be converted for free consultation into the Center of planning of a family which Razin`s Item, 106 is in the street.

- Tell, and a leah it is possible to accept contraceptives at varikoznom expansion of veins?

- It is possible, now let out preparations, in which share of an estrogen very low.

about a miscellaneous

- the Direct line ? I call concerning the daughter. To it 23 years, since 14 years infringement menstrualnogo a cycle. Monthly can not come for years. Ultrasonic has revealed polikistoz. It treated, have planted on hormones, she has very much recovered. Then on preparations the allergy has begun... Now we are attached to 15 - j to polyclinic, but we want to get on reception to experts. Tell, where it is possible to be converted and as: to us do not give a direction.

- If polyclinic level suffices you, can be converted to doctors - endokrinologam. In the street Frunze, 43, is the Center of planning of a family and a reproduction, there doctors - endokrinologi prosecute subjects polikistoznyh jaichnikov and regulation menstrualnogo a cycle, there is a hospital. There it is possible to pass high-grade inspection, to specify level of hormones, to find the reason of those changes which occur in an organism of your daughter. Besides, we have a hospital in MSCH 4 Industrial regions on Is new - Garden, experts of stand of obstetrics and gynecology of medical university who too take up the issue polikistoza jaichnikov there work.

- And the direction is necessary?

- On hospitalisation - yes. It is necessary to take it from the head of your female consultation.

- Svetlana Vasilevna, good afternoon! At the girlfriend of 25 weeks of pregnancy. Doctors have diagnosed - low platsentatsija. Than it threatens?

- And it is necessary to learn, a leah blocks it an exit from a uterus for a fruit. Depending on it we expose certain risk - high or low. If disturbs nothing the girlfriend, it is necessary to be surveyed simply regularly at the doctor - the accoucheur.

- that is to lie in a hospital unessentially?

- Without the ultrasonic conclusion to tell difficult.

- hello! I have been operated in 2003. Have removed a uterus and appendages. Then I had a hormonal failure, the back has started to be ill. Have registered a preparation femaston. Tell, how long to me it needs to be accepted? And a leah it is possible as - that to replace on something not more hormonal? Doctors have explained nothing to me.

- And how old are you?

- 47.

- you know, femaston contains natural hormones which now are not developed in your organism. And they are very necessary to protect your vessels, bones from those changes which usually occur at removal of appendages. For this purpose we always appoint preparations which replace removed jaichniki.

- How much he needs to be drunk?

- First of all, to you supervision is necessary. As all women who accept replaceable hormonal therapy, should be under dynamic supervision of the doctor of the accoucheur - the gynecologist. You should watch a blood status, level of arterial pressure. Duration of reception of these preparations can vary to 10 - 15 years in your situation. If there are problems with a backbone, probably, it is necessary for you to pass consultation in the osteoporosis centre to define density of a bone fabric.

- daughters 34 years. While children are not present. At inspection it was found out that at it a bacterial vaginosis. Treated, have earned an allergy...

- Now pathologies of a liver do not disturb her?

- is not present.

- Gardnerelly is not ZPPP (the disease passed by a sexual way), and microorganisms which are in an organism of each woman. If complaints at the daughter are not present, treatment is unessential. If something disturbs the woman, for example, plentiful allocation from sexual ways, it is necessary to be treated. Now it is a lot of (from above 115) local preparations, it is necessary to choose the approaching only.

- tell, and if she now becomes pregnant, a leah will be what complications?

- If complaints are not present, it is possible to become pregnant.
- thanks you big!

- Wait the grandson or the grand daughter!


Svetlana Vasilevna TSURKAN

Was born in Syzran. Has finished the Samara state medical university, faculty Medical business . In 1996 has protected the master`s thesis, became the assistant to stand of obstetrics and gynecology. Since 2002 - the main accoucheur of a city of Samara.

married. Raises the daughter Anna. A hobby - fitness and travel.


Phone a hot line for teenagers - (8462 33 - 45 - 94.

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