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It is time on a prick!

October - time to do an inoculation from a flu

every year physicians frighten us very much - very terrible flu epidemic with the big human victims. But each time this accident avoids us. And the people if are ill, as - that is disjointed, razobshchenno.

- the Secret of it is very simple, - Konstantin Blashentsev, the doctor - immunologist SOKB considers as it. Of Kalinin. - Samartsy at last - that have understood that vaccination from a flu is same hygienic procedure, as well as toothbrushing. But that the inoculation really was of use for you, it is necessary to observe some simple rules.

1. It is better to do an inoculation in October

the Come October it is considered most successful month for an inoculation. Strong colds still are not present, prostudnye diseases are not extended also garden vitamins have not come to an end. Besides the organism will have enough time to develop immunity and to meet a virus fully armed.

2. To do an inoculation from a flu it is necessary every year

every year a flu virus develops new strategy to infect as much as possible people. The World Health Organization has created the international network of supervision from 110 special laboratories in 83 countries of the world. In them watch behaviour of a virus and predict, which kolentsa it will throw out this year. Therefore every year the vaccine from a flu is issued different - depending on virus type.

there are various kinds of vaccines. Some are resolved to children with 6 - the monthly age, some - from 3 years. The doctor should advise a concrete vaccine. And anyway, if you are going to do a prick, consult with the doctor.

3. ORZ after an inoculation - the mere coincidence

As a result of an inoculation is formed the immune answer. It can be local or general reactions - reddening in a prick place, rise in temperature, an indisposition, weakness within three days. And as the inoculation becomes in the autumn after vaccination it is possible to be ill ORZ. But it is simple coincidence.

within three days after vaccination it is necessary to avoid contact with sneezing and coughing. It is impossible to experiment meal (it is necessary for allergic persons to keep to a hypoallergenic diet), to limit alcohol. Besides, it is impossible to overtire and be nervous.

4. And a leah is effect?

the Vaccine against a flu is effective in 80 percent of cases. But its advantage depends on that:

- how much forecasts the CART have coincided with the flu which has come to us,

- a leah there was your organism a similar virus earlier (in this case the effect from a vaccine will increase),

- from age - at advanced age efficiency from an inoculation slightly more low. But even in these cases it reduces risk of complications for 50 percent.

5. The most terrible in a flu is its consequences

the Flu is terrible the complications. More often they arise through 1 - 2 weeks after recover, when already it`s OK. A pneumonia, an otitis, an antritis it is far not the full list of illnesses which can stick to the weakened organism. And here those who has inoculated, either are not ill on a broader scale, or transfer a flu without any complications. Therefore vaccination is recommended to all people is more senior 6 - monthly age.

but there are also those to whom an inoculation from a flu vital. It:

- patients with chronic diseases (a diabetes, nephritic insufficiency, a staphylococcal infection),
- sick of immunodeficiencies (a HIV, malignant diseases of blood),
- the patients receiving immunodepressanty, a cytostatics and beam therapy.

At such patients the flu can lead to serious deterioration of health or even to death.

all need to be inoculated the rests because to be ill it is simply unprofitable (if, of course, your sick-list is not paid in the triple size!) .

to the PATIENT ON the NOTE

Contra-indications for vaccination from a flu:

- allergic reactions to fiber of an egg,
- allergic reaction to the previous vaccine,
- sharp diseases,
- aggravations of chronic diseases.


How much is a vaccine:

- Grippol a domestic production - 80 roubles.
- Infljuvak manufactures of Germany or the Netherlands - 263 roubles.

WHERE to inoculate

In any district clinic. On-line - in the Regional centre of allergology and immunoprofilaktiki, Samara, street Tashkent, 159, bodies. (8462 56 - 63 - 33.


Thanks to inoculations disease ORVI in Samara was reduced in 6 - 8 times. For last flash the flu virus could knock down only 3 percent samartsev (38 thousand persons).