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They are waited for by the house

Anatoly Grigorevich Lajkov

1927 year of birth, was missing on July, 19th, 2004. It has left the house along the street Is new - Garden, 42, sq. 302, and till now its site is not known. By sight to Anatoly Lajkovu 75 - 80 years, growth 165 - 170 centimetres, a thin constitution, hair wavy grey-haired, on top a bald head, the person oval, eyebrows straight lines, eyes blue. Has been dressed in sports body stockings of black colour, a white shirt, black shoes. Lajkov - the person mentally unhealthy, badly is guided in the street, memory loss is possible.

the citizens knowing something about a site of Anatoly Lajkova or owning any information on it, we ask to call in October ROVD by phones: (8462 34 - 07 - 03, 34 - 02 - 02.

the Little sister, respond!

Zynaida Korenev searches 4 years for the favourite sister.

- on October, 15th to me 75 years will be executed, - Zynaida Pavlovna Korenev writes. - here some years I try to find the cousin Valentine Matveevnu Kormovu. She lived in Alekseyevka, but four years ago has moved to Bolshechernigovsky area. Bringing down has left to me the address, and I have lost this leaflet. Now very much I worry: Suddenly with the little sister something happens? Health at me bad, therefore the most treasured desire - to have time to see Valenku. It to me is very expensive, we since the childhood were do not pour water. I will be the happiest person if the birthday I will note with the little sister!


- Help Zynaida Korenevoj to find the favourite sister. If you know something about Valentine Kormovoj, write to us to edition - Samara to the address: 443100 Samaras, street Wood, 9, with a mark Meeting place - in, or call by phone: (8462 70 - 69 - 10.

Has helped, as native

last week we with the husband had an accident. The car has strongly crumpled. We were in perplexity. Have arrived militia, fast and so on. Nearby there was a guy who has offered the help. It has brought the husband on survey, has helped with filling of papers. And after all formalities has persuaded to go to fracture clinic. There also it was found out that at the husband crisis, and at me bruises of an internal. The young man has waited for us about clinic before o`clock in the morning. Has then brought home. We in turmoil have not learnt its co-ordinate. After all endured I want to tell many thanks to this remarkable person. It has gained us in such difficult situation, and we are very grateful to it! Velichkiny.


With impatience I wait for a call

My name is Alexander. I search for girlfriend Elena. Some time we met Lena, but so it has turned out that we have left. Now I dream to find for it, because have understood what live without Elena I can not. I am adjusted very seriously. 35 years, also it would be desirable me family happiness, children, a cosiness. I hope that Elena will read my letter and will respond.

Lena, me it is very lonely without you! I with impatience will wait for a call by phone: (8462 41 - 77 - 18. Alexander.

I Am afraid to make a declaration of love to Natasha

This letter in edition - Samara Sergey Andreev

" has sent; Hello! It is very difficult to me to write this letter, because the person I constraining. And this shyness prevents to live to me. Has put all that I very much love for a long time one girl. We together went to school, but I was afraid even to approach to it. Anybody also did not suspect about my feelings. And I almost suffered five years from the secret love. After school Natasha has decided to arrive in medical, I too have submitted there documents. We handed over entrance examinations together. Only Natasha has not passed on points, and me have enlisted, but to study at university I and did not become. Where it - there and I. So we have appeared in building academy. It was difficult to study, but I tried, and only thanks to Natalia have entered the third year. We communicate often, now I at least can talk to it without a shiver in knees. Natalia - the girl beautiful, many guys pay attention to it. I cannot take out more than it, I feel, as it is not indifferent to me, but boldness to tell about the feelings does not suffice. Natasha constantly reads your newspaper, and I hope that it will not pass my letter. Let she knows that I always loved it and I love! Sergey .


Phones of call centres ROVD where it is possible to receive the information on missing persons

* Kirov - (8462 95 - 39 - 61
* Soviet - (8462 63 - 33 - 33
* Railway - (8462 33 - 53 - 33
* October - (8462 34 - 02 - 02
* Industrial - (8462 95 - 90 - 65
* Lenin - (8462 32 - 02 - 02
* Krasnoglinsky - (8462 50 - 02 - 02
* Samara - (8462 32 - 03 - 03
* Kuibyshev - (8462 30 - 00 - 02

to the READER ON the NOTE

If and in your family there was a misfortune - the relative or the acquaintance has left the house and has not returned, converted into call centre ROVD. Such statements, and also messages on crimes and offences, here are accepted round the clock. On new Criminally - to the remedial code the written statement should be necessarily registered in the book of the account of crimes. If the statement oral, the police officer is obliged to make the report according to the applicant. After that in a call centre to the applicant the coupon - the notification message stands out.

any statement should be considered within three days (in exceptional cases this term lasts for 7 days). After that the decision on excitation or refusal in criminal case excitation on what to the victim necessarily should inform in writing is made.

this decision if it does not suit you, it is possible to appeal against in the Department of Internal Affairs of Samara, the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of the Samara region, Office of Public Prosecutor or court. To inform on it it is possible and by a telephone hotline of the Department of Internal Affairs of Samara (8462 35 - 17 - 44. Having heard an answering machine, do not hang up: your information will be is written down and taken on control. If you name the gross data (a name, a surname, a patronymic and the address) within two weeks to you will in writing inform on results of check. Also you can check its course, having contacted the Department of Internal Affairs by phone (8462 35 - 09 - 65.