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Deep Purple have reserved 100 kilogrammes of ice and flavourless soap

Legendary rokery have spat on terrorists and fly across Russia by two planes

Thrill, the Samara judges of guitar rhythms - Deep Purple already in Russia - on Thursday they startanuli with the tour Bananas (within the limits of support of the album with the same name), having acted in Ekaterinburg. A concert in our city legendary rokery will give next Sunday, but rajder (the order - the requirement) from musicians in Samara have already received.

Ryder with whims of stars is a little exotic for provincial organizers. For example, vocalist Jan Gillan demands to itself in a make-up room two carpets. And other musicians refuse to act without German beer, red wine is not more senior 1996 and hundred kgs of ice. And soap should is obligatory to be flavourless!

all and many other things in Samara for Deep Purple have already prepared it. But in what hostel will lodge stars with a world name, it is not solved yet - organizers choose between magnificent the Renaissance and a country improving guest complex At Sokolih of mounts . In the first case to musicians threaten huge and expensive (in the Renaissance the price of apartments for days exceeds one thousand dollars) numbers with set of rooms and even a penthouse. And in the second - calm yes grace on Russian nature in 2 - room numbers - a suite with the conditioner and a shower booth - all for 3,5 thousand roubles. It is remarkable that in Samara rokery will spend the whole two days. And if Sunday at them is painted on minutes: 10. 00 - 11. 00 arrival, after - short a press - conference, then a dinner in hostel, preparation for a concert and scene survey, a concert, a supper and rest here that the group here the whole Monday while it is not known will do.


Rokery of terrorists are not afraid!

This tour Deep Purple prepared one and a half year and, by the way, even have arranged the tour schedule under the championship of Russia on hockey. For guitars, drums, columns and amplifiers (all equipment has pulled on 8 tons!) musicians rented two planes - They are 134 and An - 12. Unlike zabugornyh the groups which have cancelled the trips to Russia after tragical events in Beslan, Deep Purple were not afraid to arrive to our country.

- we will be not not stopped by terrorism. Whatever occurred, we will arrive to Russia in the stipulated terms and we will do our common cause. Terror us not to intimidate! We soon will with you!