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Where wine was gone?

than now wine shops

the main health officer of Russia Gennady Onishchenko trade has begun vestiborbu with poor-quality alcohol in the Spring. Under a sight wines have got Moldavian igruzinskie. And here in the summer a new misfortune.

it is necessary to drink less

Since July, 1st according to the new federal law in stranezakonchilsja period of validity of last year`s excise stamps. And it means, chtovsja alcoholic production of the old sample became illegal ipodlezhit to withdrawal from counters. But a problem that new aktsiznyemarki is only at some Russian manufacturers. And now the extralaw have appeared not only Moldavian and Georgian wines, but ivoobshche all import alcohol.

- we, of course, knew in advance about this problem, but hoped, chtopravitelstvo will prolong term of realisation of wine with old stamps, - the manager of one of city wine shops OlgaPechkiseva has complained. - But it has not occurred. And to us in the end of June urgently prishlosizbavljatsja from this production.

in many shops dealers on - to a miscellaneous tried to sell the goods. Someone did huge discounts for wine, someone in loading to kollektsionnymbutylkam offered the goods easier. In some shops spokupateljami bargained in the price, as on a market.

- those who is cleverer, were reserved by good wine on cheap stuff. But many progroan understood, why the bottle of expensive Spanish wine costs as much, how much and Moldavian. It was necessary to explain long, - rasskazalazavedujushchaja.

we Will drink or we will pour out?

Till now it is not clear what to do with the goods, which after July, 1st stalnezakonnym.

- To us have told: Drink . Well, we will bring nasklad. Also we will buy alcohol to themselves on feasts, - has dissolved rukamiolga Pechkiseva.

At the director for marketing of one of Oleg Borodulin`s large Novgorod wholesale companies the mood is even worse:

- Our enterprise sustains huge losses. Production we will be while hranitna a warehouse. And then in a toilet bowl we will pour out.

according to the experts, importers on all country risk poterjatnerealizovannoj production for the sum from 100 to 200 million dollars. Counters of shops will be filled with production yet soon. In novgorodskihmagazinah hope that from a dead point business will move by the end of summer.

for now in wine shops on counters there is a vodka, beer. And not Multirussian wine which, naturally, has there and then risen in price.

Valery of HEMS.
novgorod@kppublish. ru