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Have lost the way near Novokuybyshevsk, and were in Tchapaevsk

Having gone behind the mushrooms, two Samara pensioners almost have strayed days in wood

past Saturday 67 - summer samarchanka Tatyana Krasnov and 52 - summer Antonina Sosnina have decided to mushroom. Women left the house in 7 mornings, have sat down on an electric train and have reached to Hill station near Novokuybyshevsk.

the couple was forwarded through the river and was engaged in search of wood delicacies.

- in this place I was for the first time, - Tatyana Krasnov tells. - we have typed on a basket of honey agarics and at two o`clock in the afternoon have decided to come back back. Have got out on road, long went, and have then understood: have lost the way!

started to darken. Women were captured by a panic, and they have begun to call from a mobile phone in help to the cellular company. However has responded pensioners dezhurka chapaevskoj militias.

- the militiaman has listened to us and has asked to call back. We and have made. But this time a tube took any other man. It has got nasty with us and eventually ordered to call in Novokuybyshevsk ROVD. Has dictated ten-character number, but we, of course, have not remembered it, and there was nothing to write down. Then we have called Antonina Dmitrievny`s relatives to Novokuybyshevsk, and they have gone to search for us in Hills. Who could know that we already approached to Tchapaevsk!

went on wood barefoot

To two o`clock in the morning of the woman left on any road and have seen a motorcycle. Guys sitting in him did not know, where there are Hills. But have informed that to railway station Tchapaevsk of 12 more kilometres. After a while about women one more motorcycle has stopped. On it fishermen went. Men could not bring up putnits, but have given to drink coffee and have explained how to reach railroad tracks. Alas, straying in the dark on dirty and slippery road, samarchanki have again gone astray!

women have frozen, have erased feet. Tatyana Vasilevna even was undressed and went on wood barefoot, in one stockings. Very much it would be desirable to drink, but around there were one bogs yes dirty small rivers. However thirst all - taki has overcome, and putnitsy drank water from wood rivulets.

- we have found a plastic bottle, cut off it, and I have tried to type water from any reservoir, - Tatyana Krasnov remembers. - also has suddenly felt that the right foot sucks in! It is good that has thought - at once has leant back back, has fallen to a back.

women has frightened a pursuit

From small river of the woman have started wandering to the right. Went at random. And here behind their backs terrible footfall as though putnits any heavy person caught up suddenly was heard.

- we have stood with horror! - Tatyana Vasilevna continues. - And have then seen an elk and losihu. Have waited, when animals will leave, and have continued a way on any thickets. Around darkly, terribly! Strayed even more hour and at last - that left on asphalt. Long walked, while houses ahead have not seemed. Towards to us have got the man with the woman. They have told that we in Tchapaevsk, and have explained how to pass on station. We were lost in day-dreams: we will come into buffet, we take on hundred gramme and something to eat. To station have reached at the fourth o`clock, but it has appeared is closed. Well though, in the street there were benches, and we have stayed till five o`clock in the street, on a wind, expecting an electric train.

women have returned to Samara only to eight mornings on Sunday. Tatyana Vasilevna has lain all the day long on a sofa, without having forces to rise. Muscles lomilo from a pain. Having remembered a folk remedy, the woman has tied a foot and knees with cabbage leaves. Has drunk a medicine normalising pressure, and a valerian.

by the way, on time of wanderings on wood the lost the way women had time and again a thought to throw baskets and packages with mushrooms. But, despite all misadventures, pensioners all - taki have brought all a crop home.

Dmitry`s BURLAKOVA Photo.