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In Samara have found the stolen contrabasses

For a week the thief and could not sell tools in cost a half-million of roubles

On Monday employees of criminal investigation department Lenin ROVD have detained the thief who on the eve of the Samara performance of an orchestra of a name of Osipov has stolen rare tools at world famous musicians. We will remind that five bass - balalaikas and one contrabass - a balalaika the swindler umyknul from a van at hostel Volga where for the night actors have stopped (see from October, 6th of this year) .

the inhabitant of Samara Anzor Badoev who as it was found out, has already visited once behind a lattice for theft has appeared the Arrested person. But this time, according to the predator, long to suffer with locks it was not necessary - the van has been opened.

- took that is easier, - tells repenting Anzor, - and could not take any more because into the car would not get.

on the car Badoev has reached to the house around 116 kilometres and has hidden tools in a shed. For a week which has passed after theft, the criminal and was not possible manage the balalaikas, which total cost, by the way, more than 500 thousand roubles. But employees of criminal investigation department have worked professionally and quickly left on a trace of the thief. To them the information from local residents who saw how their neighbour hid something big in the shed has arrived. During detention Badoev did not begin to open and at once has shown a place where hid stolen curiosities.

the Director of an orchestra of a name of Osipov Alexey Zhidkov has informed that is immensely glad to a find Samara syskarej.

- We if it is fair, have already reconciled to loss and have found to myself new tools. And here - such pleasure! On October, 16th in Smolensk at us should pass an important concert, and then I personally go at once to Samara to take away the things stolen at us.

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