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Let`s cover a summer residence sawdust and corn

how to rescue plants from the first frosts, the senior lecturer of stand of fruit-and-vegetable growing and selection of the Samara agricultural academy, the candidate of agricultural sciences Vladimir Akimov

In Samara povejalo tells in the winter: the first snow has dropped out, the temperature has sharply gone down. So, has come it is time to think of how to help country pupils to be prepared for colds and to worry winter.

we will rescue trees from snowless December

In our region there is one unpleasant weather feature. Very often December in sew provinces there is a snowless. And it badly affects root system of trees and bushes. After all roots are less steady against frosts, than an elevated part of a plant. If a trunk and branches have not frozen slightly, it does not mean yet that cold weather has not hurt to your tree. Therefore it is necessary to take care in advance of saving roots. For this purpose we will spend such works, as perekopka pristvolnyh circles, vlagozarjadnyj watering. Besides, trees need to be hilled. We fill from above, over a place where roots, a layer of the earth in height of 10 centimetres are located. Instead of the earth it is possible to use and humus. The main thing thus - not to fall asleep a root neck (a place of transition from a root to a trunk). If in time it not to release, to spring thaw can occur podoprevanie barks.

it is in precisely the same way hilled also berry bushes - a gooseberry, a currant. By the way, for a heater will approach not only the earth and humus, but also any organic material - sawdust, foliage, dry corn stalks. But in this case there is a danger that in a heap of foliage or sawdust mice will be got. Rodents can hurt trunks of plants. Therefore if for shelter of roots you use an organic material, trunks of trees at the earth need to be wrapped up dense, and it is better nazhdachnoj, a paper. Then rodents will not reach a plant.

wild strawberry and roses we fall asleep sawdust

to Cover from frosts it is necessary also wild strawberry. For this purpose in row-spacings we will bring sawdust. We will take care and of roses. These regal flowers it is shortened, that the top did not stick out then of snow. And then we fall asleep sawdust or other organic material. That raspberry tops have not frozen, they need to be bent down to the earth, having hooked on trunks for lanes, and in row-spacings to bring manure. Needs shelter and grapes, the truth, not all grades. For example, the Isabella well transfers a cold. To it will be enough scraps. And here other grades of grapes are necessary for bending down to the earth, having pinned trunks wooden or metal krjuchjami.

harvest in time!

One of secrets of good wintering is in time the reaped crop. If you have not tightened with it the plant will have time to save up substances which will help it to winter to colds.

also remember: works on rescue of plants from winter colds need to be spent gradually. Now it is possible to spend excavations and to prepare a material for concealment. And to finish preparation to to wintering it is necessary, when the daily average temperature of air will reach a minus of five.


- will for these days be saved cold weather, - has told Kulagin`s Anna, the chief of department of weather forecasts Samara gidromettsentra. - the Temperature will be from zero to plus of five, at night from zero to a minus of five, places deposits in the afternoon, the sleet with a rain is possible. A wind northern - severo - western, 5 - 12 m/ with. For the middle of October such weather is quite characteristic. The cold wave is replaced by warmer weather, then there is a next wave of a cold.


That else it is necessary to be in time during a week

- Till October, 15th - to plant winter garlic.
- till October, 20th - to clean cabbage on storage.
- from October, 15 till October, 25th - to plant a small onion - sevok on a feather towards the winter.


15 - on October, 16th it is possible to be engaged in landing of a honeysuckle, a raspberry, a currant, a gooseberry, root top dressing fosforno - potash mineral fertilizers, it is useful vlagozarjadnyj soil watering.

17 - on October, 18th the best works in a garden - shelter of plants for the winter. The favorable period for drying and freezing of vegetables, fruit and berries.