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Hurrah! Caviar...

caviar black, caviar red, overseas... On it the choice does not come to an end. Because one only red caviar - the whole seven kinds!

If black caviar is appreciated by that above, than more largely and grain red caviar - to the contrary, the more small, the is more tasty is more light.

the most valuable caviar - beluzhja and sterlet. Because in it it is a lot of nutritional value (vitamins, fibers, power properties). In elite clinics to patients for a breakfast give sandwiches with such caviar.

if care of a figure choose the red. And from black grades - sturgeon.

Sevrjuzhja contains many fats and calories. A sandwich with such caviar - the most nutritious breakfast for the schoolboy.


That in it of such useful?

In caviar the squirrel is a lot of - about 30 % which almost is completely acquired by an organism (for fibers of an animal origin it is a rarity). Besides, caviar contains weight of useful amino acids, minerals and vitamins. And in eating value considerably surpasses many products, including meat.


If buy caviar not on razves, and in banks about a caviar kind will help to learn colour of a cover.

Beluzhju and sterlet pack up in jars with dark blue covers. Sevrjuzhju - with red. Sturgeon - with yellow.

Taisija Averyanov, the cook of VI category, the merited master of the Russian Federation.

Recipes from Taisii Averjanovoj

the Trout with red caviar

Take small, on 200 - 300 grammes, a trout. Clear it of scales. Will make a cut along a back and remove a backbone, interiors and costal bones, salt and pepper. Prepare forcemeat: 60 grammes of fried mushrooms, 30 grammes of the browned onion, 20 grammes of grated cheese and 20 grammes of mayonnaise to mix. Fill with this forcemeat the prepared fish and bake in a wind case to readiness. The baked fish cool and decorate with red caviar (20 grammes) and cancer necks (2 - 3 pieces).

Salad with red and black caviar

For one portion it will be necessary for you:

the Salmon - 60 grammes, a fresh cucumber - 30 grammes, a fresh tomato - 30 grammes, 1/ 4 welded vkrutuju eggs, black and red caviar - on 10 grammes, mayonnaise - 20 grammes.

lay in kremanku layers all products. Fill with mayonnaise, but do not mix. Decorate with red and black caviar, a segment of a tomato and two cancer necks.


- the Provincial market
- Shop Ocean Lenin`s avenue, 14
- TTS the Crossroads the Moscow highway, 81
- TTS Paterson the Moscow highway, 15
- TTS Glavprodukt Molodogvardejsky, 211


- Red caviar - from 1100 roubles for kg
- Black caviar - from 5000 roubles for kg

Has prepared Nastasja GAJNULLINA.
the Photo of the author and from archive.