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In Samara Eve Herzigova beat on a ring

the Well-known Polish model has hit the mark only from the fifth attempt

Yesterday in MTL - to Arena the World league on female basketball started. A sports show pochtili the attention many celebrities among which were especially allocated the Samara governor Konstantin Titus with the son and double Olympic champion Oleg Saitov with the trainer. But presence at a hall of Eve Herzigova - the Polish beauty, recognised one of the most long-legged models of a planet has appeared the most unexpected. In due time many glossy magazines with delight have informed that length of feet of Eve - 112 centimetres!

sex - a symbol Eve has arrived to Samara under Andrey Ishchuka`s personal invitation. It is said that - SGAU she has got acquainted with owner VBM five years ago and since then maintains with its friendly relations. The charming Pole observed of game in companies Ishchuka and Konstantin Titov. In a society of so beautiful lady the governor has considerably quickened. He laughed much and joked.

and Eve after the match termination one of admirers has stopped. Also has unexpectedly asked to throw a ball in a ring! The beauty has smiled and has agreed. The first throw has appeared unsuccessful, the second too has not achieved the object. The shell has got to a ring only from the fifth attempt. Andrey Ishchuk observed of the improvised training with a smile. When the model was shot, he has invited Eve to pass in the VIP - a zone on a banquet in honour of opening of World league.

It is said that Herzigova`s visit to Samara not only friendly. Eve has arrived to select the Samara girls for shootings of advertising leaflets.


the Samara governor Konstantin Titus has handed over to captain VBM - SGAU Ilone Korstin the certificate on one million roubles - a prize for last year`s victory samarchanok in a World Cup.

to the American have rolled up a foot in plaster

Svups (at the left) did not know that in Russia a pink jacket - more than simply clothes...

the Olympic champion Sheril Svups will go to States to heal an ankle trauma

Behind tournament of World league Sheril Svups observed from a bench. We will remind that the triple Olympic champion has signed the contract with the Volga club for a season. But take part in World league cannot from - for become aggravated ankle traumas. Svups has passed inspection in Samara, and our doctors have imposed plaster on a sick foot.

- Svups will go to be treated to itself home, in States, - head coach VBM - SGAU Igor Grudin has told, - and when will recover, will return to Samara. But it will occur not earlier, than in a month.

the Olympic champion has passed in a hall, considerably limping. But the sportswoman abided in excellent mood. And when has heard one of Michael Jackson`s hits, moved on a chair in a step to music. It was appreciable that Sheril adores expensive ornaments. On fingers with unprofitable nails in length about two centimetres rings with brilliants sparkled, and the wrist was decorated by a watch with jewels. In star ears huge rings shone. Companions Svups who have arrived with a star from America, were not less picturesque. The large Black woman in fitting brown trousers was especially allocated. To Americans Masha Stepanovoj`s son has attracted. Small Kohl, sitting in a lap grandmothers, favourably listened to compliments of transatlantic visitors.

injured Sheril has enough time to be engaged in nails.


the Meeting of basketball players from Brazil and Taiwan has ended with victory of Asians - 69:75. And here the Samara club VBM - SGAU has prevailed against finalists of Euroleague - Polish the Lotus - 96:50. Tatyana Schegolev who has typed 20 points became the heroine of a match.

in the evening on October, 13th Brazilians and the Poles who have lost starting matches, will find out, who from them will continue struggle. And the Samara command will battle to sportswomen from Taiwan.


Oleg Saitov and Igor Utkin with pleasure have accepted victory samarchanok.

Oleg Saitov played the pipe from delight

to the Boxer game Stepanovoj, Korstin and Shchegolevoj

the Double Olympic champion and the bronze prize-winner of Athenes Oleg Saitov was pleasant has appeared on World league accompanied by trainer Igor Utkin. The boxer have set near to Alexey Titov, and Utkin has appeared the neighbour of the owner of club VBM - SGAU Andrey Ishchuka. However, so influential environment did not confuse neither Oleg, nor its trainer. Saitov and Utkin easy joked and with pleasure observed of dances of charming girls from support group. And when on a platform there were sportswomen VBM - SGAU, Oleg and Igor Petrovich have applauded and have cried: VBM, forward! . Oleg even has brought a fan pipe to lips and played the pipe it that is forces.

- our little girls simply good fellows! - Saitov and Utkin have unanimously exclaimed after a match. - especially were pleasant Korstin, Stepanova and Schegolev.

Alexey`s MAJSHEVA photo.