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They burnt down us, as fascists in a concentration camp!

a victim of a fire in games parlours Las Vegas, overcoming a pain, have told details of cruel touches

already told about a series of arsons in game network Las Vegas (see from October, 12th of this year, Samartsev have burnt in game pavilion ) . We will remind that early in the morning unknown persons have showered with bottles with an incendiary mix at once three pavilions with good luck automatic machines . Now seven victims on fire samartsev are in the burn centre Pirogovki . But tell something distinct about arsons they cannot: at all one diagnosis - a burn of respiratory ways. has tried to restore an incident picture on scraps of hardly told phrases.

instigators have beaten the security guard

In that morning in Las Vegas on Gagarin, 23, three girl-friends - students - 20 - summer operators of game systems Anja Gubanovich and Olja Prokopenko, the cashier Lena Kuznetsova and 23 - the summer security guard Paul Matakov were on duty. Unexpectedly three criminals have rushed into salon. Healthy jockstraps at first have beaten Paul then have efficiently broken bottles with gasoline and have set fire. The young security guard in literal sense with burning heels has rushed to the fire extinguisher and has slightly extinguished a flame.

the Smoke dimmed eyes and did not allow to breathe. The people who suddenly have become by hostages blazing mini - a casino, to the touch searched for an exit from pavilion. Having extended forward hands, Olja Prokopenko and one of players - Vitaly Panakshin - tried to find in burning walls though any exit...

fast was late. The little girls who have not waited to the help had to leave on road and to catch poputku. But cars drove by. Then Olja Prokopenko has decided to lay down directly on road - can, who will take pity... The sympathetic driver of Roofing felt who has brought children to the burn centre " has there and then braked; Pirogovki .

I saw these degenerates!

In chamber to victims of an arson doctors do not start up anybody, except near relations. About doors of the burn centre correspondents have met employees of security service Las Vegas. It too have not allowed to talk to the suffered employees of a game network. But correspondents to the burnt patients nevertheless have passed.

pasha Matakov has sat down on the bed at a window to have dinner. On a forehead and a chin at it - stains - burns, a throat it is strongly burnt. Therefore even on - flotski the guy eats a portion of macaroni, swallowing an infernal pain.

- I am simple by miracle therefrom have escaped, - coughing, hardly is audible Paul whispers. Its neighbour in chamber - Vitaly Panakshin - too in a whisper tries to help to tell about the happened:

- Around - darkness, a smoke, ashes. As though fascists burn in an oven of the victims. People then, probably, too tested the such. These degenerates I saw. Healthy, with Russian persons.

to light skin transplantation

In female chamber Olja waits and Lena slept. Svetlana Bojkovu - the cashier from the pavilion set fire in the same morning on the Moscow highway, 28, mum fed from a spoon with pea soup. To light on Tuesday have translated in Pirogovku From toxicological branch of hospital of Kalinin where it in a coma delivered from a fire fast .

- Please, do not disturb Svetochku, - her mother has asked us. - it still very weak... Its colleagues very attentively have concerned us. Use the best efforts also the impossible...

the careful mother does daughters massage. It is not excluded that operation on skin transplantation is necessary to the girl.

Anju on watch has resulted ill fate

very strongly from a fire has suffered Anna Gubanovich. Here that mum of its girlfriend Oli Prokopenko has told to us about the girl.

- Anja Gubanovich - a favourite daughter. It grew difficultly - bronchial tubes were ill. To support health of the daughter, mum with the father constantly carried the girl on the sea. Time and care have prevailed - Anyuta has recovered. That fatal night the girl should be at home, but it have asked to change the employee... Anja has most suffered from an arson - now it lies in resuscitation. Doctors try to save to it sight, and girlfriends pray, looking at an icon brought in chamber by parents.

misfortune very much sdruzhilo suffered employees Las Vegas. Through nurses and sanitarok they pass each other the most tasty candies and suvenirchiki - talismans. Those who in a status, write encouraging notes from which little girls and their mums cry.

in all money

is guilty - I was against this foolish work, - have told to the correspondent Nina Prokopenko, - but a family at us not monetary and where still it is possible to earn additionally to the student biofaka teacher`s college? In these automatic machines to it have promised two months ago to pay on 300 roubles a day...

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