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Where in Peter to celebrate a pagan feast

With 6 for July, 7th - that nochna Ivan Kupalu

Night on Ivan Kupalu on - piterski absolutely especial action. Traditional searches of a blossoming fern and jumps through kosterezhegodno are combined with clarification of and search smyslazhizni.

It is known that from time immemorial bathing night marked vpeterburge on Petrovsky island where called in even vidnyearistokraty. In 10 versts from Petersburg, on the Riga road, nahodilasv old time a linden which branches were weaved with branches drugihderevev, forming as though natural arbour, in which time and again otdyhalpetr Great. On the eve of Kupaly all here gathered peterburgskijbomond, planted fires on which burnt a white cock.

a traditional place of gathering of modern Petersburg pagans always were iostajutsja Sestroretsk lakes. Exactly at midnight at the main thing gorodskogoozera under the name Pouring, slavonic conventual community lights a huge fire. Recently in connection with discontent local administratsiikupalsky the fire is replaced with a heap of a nettle that too adds enthusiasm ioshchutimo is burnt down.

on the night of Ivan Kupala it is possible to recover and to known among molodezhiozeru Copper (on the Vyborg highway, behind settlement Sertolovoi Black Small river). There, where in the first of July prohoditznamenityj bajkersky festival, also fans sebjaobshcheniem with evil spirit are going to amuse. Kupalsky ceremonials, on the eve of a feast, are simple enough and simple: gathering of grasses and colours, weaving of wreaths, kindling of fires, guessings on the promised and actually bathing. Molodyepeterburzhtsy already it is a lot of years successfully find here to itself pair. By tradition, girls throw in Copper wreaths with zazhzhennymisvechami, and their young men catch - whose wreath will catch, that girl istanet his wife.

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