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The prayer of the wife has returned the husband from a next world

Words which samarets Yury Zheltikov has heard, recovering consciousness, steels its vital motto

Yury Zheltikov has arrived To Samara after army. Here he also has got acquainted with the future spouse Valentina Romanovnoj. Then the guy did not assume that once this woman will return it from a next world.

doctors considered its hopeless

all Has begun that Yury Timofeevich was ill. Blood transfusion Was required. But together with donor blood doctors have brought to the patient a hepatitis virus.

illness progressed. Expensive medicines which Valentina Romanovna got for the husband, did not help.

physicians recognised the patient hopeless.

- really nothing can be made?! - In despair the woman has asked the doctor.

that has looked away.

- can pray only.

Valentina Romanovna has run in church, has fallen to knees at an iconostas and... Has burst into tears.

she nurtured in a usual Soviet family, and prayers - that plainly did not know!

- My God! - the woman has hotly whispered. - if you will save to it life, I will for ever accept you!

the priest has approached to the strange parishioner:

- For whom you ask?

- for the husband, - Valentina Romanovna has weepingly responded. - For Yury!

- give all of us for it we will be returned grace! - the ecclesiastic has offered.

and soon all who was in church, prayed for Yury Zheltikova`s unfamiliar to them health.

These words were sent to me by God!

with the motto Yury Timofeevich has stuck Leaflets on all apartment.

some days Yury Timofeevich was without consciousness. Also has suddenly heard, as someone`s voice going as if whence - that from within, has said:

- Long live heart! There will be no grief!

during this moment the man has opened eyes and has seen a ceiling of hospital chamber. Over it doctors were declined. Physicians could not believe in an event in any way. Later, when Yury Zheltikova`s attending physician described this case, the physician named its inexplicable.

Now a phrase which Yury Timofeevich has heard, having returned literally from a non-existence, became his life motto. He has written it on sheets and has hung up in apartment in several places. Yury Timofeevich considers that these words to it were sent by God.

now Yury for the sick wife - the main support. Feet are ill Valentina Romanovny, and the husband has altered chairs that it was more convenient to wife to sit down in the house.

- I have lived difficult life, - Yury Zheltikov speaks. - War, German occupation, poverty., For example, I have seen for the first time bed-sheets only in army... Certainly, all of us then were atheists. But after my wonderful healing it was necessary to change the sights. And now we with the wife together go to church...


Nina PANFILOV, gastroenterolog, the doctor of higher category:

- For 20 years of work in a hospital I can result the sea of examples when physicians said that chances at the patient are not present, but that was healed. And still I think that has put here not in prayers, and that work and brains of doctors sometimes do the impossible!

Dmitry`s BURLAKOVA Photo.