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In Samara is afraid of the Hollywood dinosaurs has opened Park of the Jursky period

Yesterday in a museum of a name of Alabina has started to work as show - an exhibition from Denmark. In an exposition Returning of dinosaurs - 14 figures of ancient monsters in height from 2 to 5 metres and to 12 metres at length. Is among them and those models which acted in a superpopular Hollywood film Park of the Jursky period . Creation of an exhibition which for eight years of existence has gone round already 20 countries has begun with these two figures - tiranozavra and tritseratopsa-.

specially for children organizers of an exhibition have put one exhibit in the disassembled kind that small visitors saw that in these frightening animals only the mechanism. Children can even direct dinosaurs by means of special panels. And at the command of the child awesome pangolins will move a head, extremities and to open a mouth.

Huge tritseratops roars and winds a head on a pointer of spectators.
a photo: Dmitry

the Died out animals on the American technologies has made Barge hauliers Danish scientifically - research institute. Each of the presented pangolins is interesting by something. For example, at koritozavra was from 40 to 50 numbers of the teeth which total reached 2000 pieces, anatozavr weighed 20 tons and reached at length of 21 metres. And the hero of Hollywood tiranozavr Reks full-scale was height with 5 - the floor house and by right was considered as the king of pangolins - tyrants. Weighed 7 tons and for some days ate so much meat that the food weight exceeded weight of the animal. Reks - one of the most furious predators, at an attack published a terrible roar which now can be heard within the precincts of a museum. Another Hollywood the actor - tritseratops - has received the name thanks to presence of three horns on a muzzle. Horns differed such sharpness and power that could put to flight even tiranozavra.

And STILL there was a CASE

By transportation from a city in a city exhibits do not understand and transported bodily. And that them to ship, use the elevating crane. Having seen figures, citizens at times accept these prehistoric inhabitants for the present. Once in Sochi the old woman has brought a string-bag of bread in a museum and has asked to feed dinosaurs... Even courageous pravohraniteli have not avoided fear. When managers agreed with the Moscow private security about support of transport with dinosaurs, the commander of group OVO has carefully asked: And they at you are adhered? My children will not bite?


the Exhibition Returning of dinosaurs will work with 10. 00 to 17. 00 also will last all winter vacation. At great popularity of an exposition the museum management promises to prolong work till 20 o`clock. The adult ticket costs 70 roubles, children`s - 50. Children till 4 years and veterans of the Second World War in Park of the Jursky period pass free of charge.