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From - for a cat Samara will close on mad quarantine?

before death 42 - summer samarchanka has told to doctors that it was bitten by a house cat of the daughter

at Night on December, 5th in clinical hospital has died 42 - summer samarchanka, lying with suspicion on furiousness. And though the definitive diagnosis will put only after the necessary analyses, all symptoms at the woman specified in this illness.

the patient has come to fracture clinic of hospital Semashko on November, 20th.

- it had symptoms lisofobii - the fear to catch furiousness from a fox - tells Valentine Zaharchuk, the epidemiologist of the Center of Gossanepidnadzor of a city of Samara. - and occurrence of phobias - one of furiousness symptoms... Infected start to be afraid of the most different things - water, noise, draughts.

the Cat of the son-in-law has taken a dislike to the mother-in-law

Before being converted to physicians, the woman has read in newspapers how mad foxes bite people. to a place to it the recent case was remembered also: one month ago it visited the daughter who with the husband and the small son lives in Kirovsk area. And their house cat then has suddenly rushed on it and has bitten in the left brush. The hand ached a bit, the small temperature periodically rose. But to check up a cat on furiousness it did not turn out any more - after happened the animal has run away. On a question where could catch house murka, too there was a suitable answer. In the summer all family (together with a cat) had a rest in village - in settlement Vasilevka of Borsky area which is considered epidemiologists one of the most adverse on disease by furiousness...

in clinical hospital doctors struggled for life samarchanki in all possible ways. But to rescue it and it was not possible. Now, if results of analyses confirm the terrible diagnosis, on mad quarantine will close the Kirov area of Samara. Also there is it already to the third (after Krasnoglinsky and Kuibyshev) area where without fail catch vagrant animals and is universal vaccinate the house. By the way, under specifications after the passed mark three areas on mad quarantine close also all city...