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In Samara criminals are denounced - sladkoezhki

Having got on the Troitsk market, teenagers have devoured and ponadkusyvali sweets almost on 10 thousand roubles

the Sentence on unusual business has taken out the Samara district court. On a dock it has appeared three difficult teenagers who could not resist temptation much to eat fruit and sweets.

however, denounced could be and five. To simply two more to participants a stomach feast for the present there are no 14 years and they are not subject to a criminal liability.

the zephyr was smeared on the person

Sergey Tregubov, by Glory of Culms, Dima Smaev, Anton ShChelkunov and Eugene Razgonjaev there live in the neighbourhood in settlement of 116 km. All of them concern a category difficult teenagers. In families at some children serious problems. For example, Sergey Tregubov`s mother abuses alcohol and is deprived the parental rights. Dima Smaev - the orphan...

in the Summer all company since morning till the night wandered after district in search of adventures. In the night from 29 for July, 30th children have appeared at the Troitsk market. Having seen an open window leaf, guys have decided to climb inside, without reflecting at all on that, what for it is necessary for them.

the Security guard in a building was not, it bypassed adjoining territories. Having looked round around, gatecrashers have noticed counters with the fruit, which dealers did not clean for the night, and only covered with a polyethylene film. Having thrown off a coverlet, boys were stupefied: possibilities to regale on such quantity various vkusnostej at anybody from them were not before. To delight of boys there was no limit. Laughing, teenagers took a bite of fruit, threw them each other, threw up upwards, scattered on a floor... Then the attention of children was involved with a booth with sweets. Having broken glass, sladkoezhki have got inside and have continued feasting.

- same a zephyr! - Anton ShChelkunov has cried and has started to smear a favourite delicacy on the person. Friends have supported its joyful shouts and konfetnym a rain.

a sentence - two years conditionally

Understanding that the feast will soon end, boys took the big polyethylene packages and began to put in them fruit and chocolate. Behind this employment of pilferers the security guard who has come back to a building also has found. Three teenagers to the peace officer managed to be detained. Two escaped have been detained in the morning by police officers.

so children have appeared on a dock.

- it is possible to name their act a childish prank, - Svetlana Ilenko has explained to the correspondent the senior assistant to the public prosecutor of the Samara regional Office of Public Prosecutor. - But as children have committed a crime to respond them it was necessary on all severity of the law.

the court has sentenced Sergey Tregubov, Vyacheslav Solomina and Dmitry Smaeva to two years of imprisonment with a trial period in two years. And here businessmen to whom sladkoezhki have caused a damage for the sum of 9,5 thousand roubles, have forgiven boys and material claims did not begin to show.

however, guys and have understood that adventures will be followed by quite serious punishment.

- while the consequence lasted, my mum cried often, - admitted to the correspondent Glory of Culms. - seeing its tears, I have resolved that anything similar I will not make more!