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City laws will be accepted according to plan

by Smolnyj and deputies gorodskogoparlamenta not bad co-ordinate the work

On the eve of the beginning of vacation at Petersburg members of parliament (and deputatypiterskogo ZakSa go on leave from July, 6th till September, 7th - a bus Comment) Valentine Matvienko and Vadim Tjulpanov have signed the plan zakonodatelnojraboty on 2006 - 2007.

at the beginning of contemporary history of Northern capital rough, and at times iobostrennye relations of two branches of the power in Petersburg vosprinimaliskak quite normal phenomenon. Deputies quite often blocked predlozhenijasmolnogo. The governor in turn imposed the veto on reshenijazakonodatelnogo meetings. Certainly, a situation in a city it neuluchshalo.

the new administration has tried to find common language with ZakSom. And to it etoudalos. The teamwork Foreground has been signed still three years ago. Thanks to such coordination in 2005 - 2006 deputies have accepted, agubernator has confirmed the whole 133 laws (!) . And 64 from them bylivneseny on consideration narodnyhizbrannikov the governor. That is ipravitelstvo brings the mite in formation of a legal field of a city.

there is a reasonable question for simple townspeople: 64 - etomnogo or it is not enough? Before the offer of Smolnogo made 20 - 25 that gave out on - a mount ZakS. Now - it is considerable more than 60 %. That is, it is possible to tell that vzakonotvorchestve Northern capital of loading between two branches vlastiraspredeleny approximately 50 on 50. Nobody is deprived also nobody overloaded. Nobody pulls a blanket on itself(himself). Quite comfortable situation dljanormalnoj works.

- not rivalry, and constructive spirit of interaction, napravlennogona fulfilment of real affairs, - so has commented on position delpredsedatel Budgetary - financial committee ZakSa Vladimir Barkanov.

So, the plan of legislative work on 2006 - 2007 - already a reality. Now the main thing that it did not remain only on a paper.

it is concrete

That is planned in lawmaking?

In - the first, and additions changes will be made to the city Charter. Already vkontse August - the beginning of September will present its new project. sleduetnadejatsja that it will allow to avoid numerous lawsuits in gorodskomustavnom court. And that develops impression that Having been tired specially taki is written, that its any position called disputes.

in - the second, rules of land tenure and zastrojkipeterburga, accomplishment rules should change. It is supposed to change granitsyzon protection of objects of a cultural heritage. At last - that should prinjatzakon about export and recycling of the ownerless cars thrown in streets and vodvorah of Petersburg. Without it a city soon to turn to an autodump.

is in plans and budgets on 2007 and 2008. Without acceptance osnovnogofinansovogo the law Northern capital, certainly, does not remain.

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