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The seller of air

the insurance agent to Become easy, but, to convince client to lay out money, it is necessary to know weight of subtleties

If to you the brick has fallen to a head, late to reflect on the insurance. Take care of it before with you there was this (or another) trouble. Insurers joke that the best way to insure from all troubles is to most to become the insurance agent.

the main weapon - a smile

this Trade perspective as in the country it is available all signs of insurance boom. According to the state statistics, for last three years the volume of the market of insurance at the expense of population means has grown more than four times. More often the people insure cars and insurers receive real estate, but the lion`s share of incomes not from usual citizens, and from the enterprises, or on - new - corporate clients.

the Insurance agent - a key figure of insurance business - during the last years too has changed. Instead of tired women who shake money from the population in favour of the state, there were smiling young men in strict suits.

to become the insurance agent, it is unessential to wipe five years trousers on a high school bench. The diploma of the lawyer or the economist a pocket, certainly, will not delay, but to ability to find with people common language in academies, alas, do not learn. And for the insurance agent this most important thing.

in the large companies to begin easier: their names are familiar to potential clients, kinds of insurance services are estimated in tens. Therefore the representative of the large company feels behind itself confidence.

to the agent nerves of steel and some pairs of footwear

are necessary to Elements of insurance business will teach in the most insurance company. As required here declare a set. As a rule, special requirements to competitors are not present. Training terms vary from two weeks about several months. And then beginners start to work. Real experience of sales already also shows, who can work as the insurance agent, and to whom this work too hard. Experience shows that from 20 beginners to work finally remain one - two persons.

both beginners, and skilled agents work for compensation from the concluded contracts, any icon setting, as a rule, it is not supposed. To the agent gets 10 - 25 percent from a sum of transaction.

- fellow workers happen the first with whom beginners usually conclude contracts, neighbours, friends and relatives, - have told in one of the insurance companies.

to find the new client extremely difficult. But at enviable stubbornness it is possible to achieve the. If you have well-founded friends and acquaintances who will want to be insured at you, is a right way to begin successful career of the insurance agent.

While the thunder will not burst, samarets will not be insured

Is at us and the features of insurance business. From agents at us wave away is more often, as from importunate flies. It in the West all and all regularly insure. Because want to secure as much as possible the life, to make it more easy. At us the insurance culture is lowest. All have got used to hope on perhaps also will not reflect on own security, yet will not burst a thunder. The agent here sells air, the mythical service, which reality clients cannot understand. To convince our person to be insured, often it is necessary insured event . For example, if has burnt down office in a building, all next offices there and then will want to be insured from a fire. And itself pogorelets for certain will not refuse. The bright example is very convincing. Therefore one of the main rules of the insurer - to watch the events occurring in a city. One more dodge with which help it is possible to convince the client to spend money, - to tell to it about successful cooperation with its competitor. The businessmen aspiring to the western standards, cannot resist.

when on the agent contracts will fall down, he still should study to conduct the client - to settle various situations at any time and benevolently to answer the most wild questions. If will not be having pierced, clients begin to prolong contracts and to result acquaintances - under the recommendation third of contracts consists.


Earnings at insurance agents in Samara very different. Disorder of salaries - from one and a half roubles to twenty thousand. Some try to combine the basic work and work in the insurance company. But, as a rule, it is inefficient. After all the agent should not only conclude contracts, but also to conduct the clients (prodljat the contracts which have expired term to give advice at insured events). Affection in other work disturbs quickly and during time convenient for the client to react. Therefore, as a rule, clients leave to other agents.