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The clown the Pencil measured cognac on hearing

About the well-known actor Alexander Tjanigin working for a star of circus by the manager

on December, 10th to the great clown to Michael Nikolaevichu Rumjantsevu remembers samarets 103 years would be executed. However, this small person in a ridiculous green suit and a black hat did not love, when someone remembered its surname. Rumjantsev is for a house management! - the actor became angry. And on posters asked to print only one word - the Pencil.

he has died almost twenty years ago, but in Samara there lives the person who with pleasure remembers till now the well-known clown. Alexander Tjanigin worked for the world famous circus actor as the manager and has saved in memory set of stories about the Pencil.

the circus actor has joked of hunger

- Michael Nikolaevich was the sincere, simple person, - Alexander Tjanigin tells. - The history of mine tells about its relation to people with it acquaintances. In 1973 I have entered the institute and have gone to earn additionally in circus. I stood in a corridor and have suddenly seen the Pencil. The actor the first has greeted me and has asked that I do in circus. it has come to be arranged for work - I have responded. Idemte with me, - the Pencil has ordered and has got me in an office of the director. - here the young man has come, he wants to get a job, let`s it take .

So I also have got to circus. Three and a half a year worked as the manager for the Pencil, sometimes represented itself as the assistant in reprises. Its circus numbers always were live and cheerful. And the material for reprises scooped the Pencil from usual life. During war all went hungry, people ate one potato. And so, once the Pencil has taken out on an arena a bag with a potato, villages on it and is silent. In a hall the silence has hung. At last the manager of circus has not sustained and left on arena.

- the Pencil, you that you do? - He has asked the actor.

- I sit, - the clown has responded. And after a pause has continued. - as well as all Moscow, I sit on a potato.

the hall has banged from a laughter!

the clown has punished careless pupils

One of numbers of the Pencil favourite by public was called Venus Milossky . The clown represented the yard keeper in park which unintentionally breaks a statue of the goddess. The scared actor tries to collect splinters, but confuses parts of a body, a buttock to a chest. And then in despair puts on white catch a cold also itself takes a place of Venus on a pedestal.

- the requisite to this number occupied 12 boxes, - Alexander Tjanigin tells. - And to the circus program of the Pencil the whole car was typed. Each box had number: the Pencil loved an order. After representation the clown forced workers and pupils to touch a thing and to sign all boxes, casually not to mix. Children were bothered with it to do, and once they have decided to leave all as is. And the Pencil has specially shifted subjects from a box in a box at night and has ordered: Touch all during week-end! Otherwise I will leave you!

the actor drank cognac from the dog bowl

During the most well-known number of the Pencil the Sketch in park spectators laughed to tears.

As well as many circus performers, the Pencil liked to drink. The management constantly struggled with its addiction. To the clown forbade to drink, sewed in a body special ampoules. And in Krasnodar the director of circus has planted the actor under house arrest having closed it in a make-up room. But under a door there was a narrow crack in which the bowl for dogs (the clown climbed through lived in a make-up room together with two rates). And once the pencil has asked Alexander to buy cognac, to pour alcohol in a bowl and to palm off it under a door. And it is accurate, on hearing, has defined the put dose.

- so, all, enough, any more do not pour! I leave hundred grammes to you, - the actor has told.

- I have run in buffet, have poured out contained in a special beaker and have not believed to the eyes! - Alexander Tjanigin tells. - In a bottle really remains hundred grammes!

the Offender of the Pencil have ousted

- For the Pencil there was the present tragedy an excommunication from alcohol, - Alexander continues. - once we have fried a pig and have bought vodka. Michael Nikolaevich then did not drink, shortly before it was sewed up. It took a bottle of vodka in hands and has begun to open it very slowly. It was given by pleasure let not to drink so though to open a bottle own hands. And here one of workers of circus has decided to come to the rescue. Michael Nikolaevich that you suffer, give I will open! - he has told to the Pencil and has quickly uncorked a bottle.

and has then said a toast: Let`s drink for Pencil health! - leave the glass and go from here, - the Pencil has unexpectedly responded. - you are not necessary to me any more!

for the initiative the actor has largely paid. Michael Nikolaevich did not suppose it before work three representations successively and did not want to take on tour to Bulgaria...

the pencil was the affable person. But knew the own worth. Once on tours in Sochi there was such case. The director did not like Pencil performance. It has threatened the actor:

- I now will call operating your circus to Moscow that you from here have sent.

- and you call is better at once to the minister of culture! - has offered the Pencil.

the director, suspecting nothing, has typed Ekaterina Furtsevoj`s who were then the minister of culture of the USSR phone, and has begun to complain of the actor. Here, say, the clown does numbers which are not pleasant to the people. He did not know that the Pencil was in friendly relations with the governmental lady.

- and where a Pencil? - Has asked Furtseva.

- Yes it nearby costs, - the director has told and has passed a tube to the actor.

- Misha, what`s happened? - It was tenderly converted the minister to Rumjantsevu.

- Katya, this m. To me offends, - the offended voice the Pencil has responded.

- well - ka, pass it a tube, - Furtseva has told. - the Companion the director, you are dismissed from now on!

- and directors have dismissed! - Alexander speaks. - the pencil was able to stand for itself. Said that it was when - that lover Furtsevoj. I think that it`s not true. Simply he was able to enter into souls of people, and all who got acquainted with this person, never it forgot.

and STILL there was a CASE

As Nikulin on meat has saved

to Alexander Tjaniginu it was possible to work and with Yury Nikulinym.

is there was not a person, and gold! - Alexander remembers. - workers of circus were ready to carry it on hands. I remember such case. Once the troupe has gone with tours to Greece. There there was a terrible heat, and products for animals quickly spoilt. At night workers of circus had to employ a boat and to heat provisions in the sea. About it Nikulin has learnt. Also has made the order: has not turned sour Yet, cut off to each worker of circus on a meat slice, give on jaichku and to a milk bag - people will save money for a food and can bring to the relatives gifts . It was the courageous act, after all on the actor could inform in corresponding bodies. Fortunately, informers was not.


the PENCIL (Michael Nikolaevich RUMJANTSEV)

Was born on December, 10th, 1901.
has died on March, 31st, 1983.
the national actor of the USSR.
the adhesive tape - a terrier on a nickname the Blot acted with black.
Gvozdevoj number - a sketch with Venus Milossky.

the Photo: Barge hauliers Dmitry


Alexander TJANIGIN

Was born on January, 21st, 1956.
has finished Kuibyshev institute of culture.
has worked in circus eight and a half years.
today works as the security guard in one of private concerns.