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The young programmer have caught on sale dirty linen

Six disks with the information on gangsters, businessmen, databases of OVIR and GAI the guy has estimated all in 7 thousand roubles

Samartsa Dmitry Kulinicheva employees OBEP of Komsomol area Tolyatti have detained. The young man has placed the announcement of sale of various data of inhabitants of the Samara region on the Internet: the information on a residence permit and the other personal data, base of regional GAI with the data about owners of vehicles, operative base of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs about members of criminal groupings of Samara, Tolyatti and Syzran, a database about private businessmen of Russia... In general, more many what confidential good.

took the seller dirty linen (only present, what a bomb was on disks. - a comment red.) With polichnym. One of field investigators OBEP has acted in a role of the buyer, Kulinichevym has contacted and has persuaded him to arrive to Tolyatti. A meeting have appointed in computer club. For six disks with various databases samarets has requested seven thousand roubles. the buyer has paid off mechenymi with money then Dmitry have detained. By the way, houses at the programmer have found 30 more disks with various databases...

- the most part of the information containing on disks, has appeared a fruit of someone`s imagination, - Andrey Markelov, the senior inspector of Office of Public Prosecutor of Komsomol area Tolyatti has told. - especially base on members of criminal groupings. They were creatively made by any field investigator. According to Kulinicheva, he has simply bought these disks in the market - not a secret that they are on sale everywhere, - and has decided to resell. Swore that it does not have access to computers, as supposedly either at it, or at its relatives cars no. However guards that it has ended the Samara high school on a speciality the Applied mathematics and in perfection understands computers. And with Tolyatti the buyer from OBEP communicated through the Internet... Illogically.

according to inspectors, such kind businesses it is very difficult to bring under law article. Because it is not clear: how to qualify piracy the disk which has been written down with piracy a disk which is not object of the copyright. That is there is nobody to protect as though. Besides the information which on them contains though it is remote, but nevertheless is not the state secret. But the fact of infringement UK is: Kulinichev has received these data of illegally and its action approach under article Wrongful access to the computer information .

Having made business and having interrogated Kulinicheva, employees of Office of Public Prosecutor have been urged to release it back to Samara. Without having had time to return to a native city, Dmitry has thrown one of employees OBEP electronic letters with obscene abuse and threats. Now in militia choose, under what article to start up the clever guy.

dear readers! And what information you would like to buy? We wait for responses!