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The Samara people - phenomena eat bulbs and scorpions

acquaints readers with our fellow countrymen possessing surprising abilities

After in Samara people - the unique persons brought in the Guinness Book of Records have visited, we have become thoughtful. Really samartsam poorly to repeat similar tricks? As it was found out, anything we are not worse. Our fellow countrymen are able to kiss venomous snakes, to extinguish in a mouth torches, primagnichivat subjects and are glasses! And it not all talents samartsev...

the Economist of bank breathes fire

Rijazu Altunbaevu 21 year. The guy works in one of the Samara banks as the economist. And here six years at Rijaza strange enough hobby: it burns down itself(himself) with fire and eats glasses.

to show the abilities of Rijaz has come to edition. Short preparations, and here the young man sets fire to two torches, and then starts to drive a flame on the bared torso.

In completion of all Rijaz extinguishes torches, having thrust them... In a mouth.

spectators shiver.

- it is not sick?

- it is necessary to be adjusted that can be sick. And on a broader scale, I feel only a lung pokalyvanie, - the fakir smiles.

Rijaz as the dragon, exhales from a mouth a flame, but only on performances.

Usually on performances of Rijaz exhales from a mouth a flame, but this trick we saw in its execution earlier and in edition have decided experience not to repeat. Have regretted walls.

- speak, you and a bulb can eat?

- I can, - the fakir shrugs shoulders.

a bulb took from the supply manager. By the way, Rijaz prefers to chew usual Russian bulbs. The guy wipes glass a handkerchief (correctly, wash fruit before meal! ) Also breaks. Takes the biggest splinter and its vanities in a mouth. From a crunch of chewed glass on a skin run murashki.

- I can not tell that it is pleasant to me, but on representations sometimes it is necessary to eat some bulbs in day. Glass - it absolutely insipid. Carefully all I chew and I swallow, - the young man explains, crackling glass, as caramel.

belly dance on glass

the Girl lays down on glasses a back, Rijaz takes knifes and throws them in the workmate. Knifes jump aside from a stomach, without having caused the beauty of harm. Lola rises, having favoured us a radiant smile.

the Following number is carried out by workmate Rijaza Lola. Together they act the second year. Lola gets a sack full of bottle splinters. Displays pieces of glass on a floor and, executing belly dance, rises on them bare feet! Then the girl lays down on glasses a back, Rijaz takes knifes and throws them in the workmate. Knifes jump aside from a stomach, without having caused the beauty of harm. Lola rises, having favoured us a radiant smile.

we check knifes: suddenly they any especial?

- yes it is my kitchen knifes, - tells Lola. - in the Afternoon I with their help prepare, and I act with them in clubs in the evening.

we check bottle splinters. Very sharp.

- also what, there were no accidents? - We do not believe.

- once I have decided to act on mum`s birthday, and glass was included into a heel. Krovishchi was! It is good that spectators have not noticed. Probably, it was not adjusted before performance. And still as - that a knife unsuccessfully in me have thrown, it has got to a navel. Too ranka was, - east beauty tells to us.

many it odnogruppniki, and Lola Sajfiddinova at faculty of tourism of SamGU studies, even do not guess, what unique person sits with them at lectures.

- unlike the focuses, here no secrets are present, - children at last speak to us. - are not necessary neither special adaptations, nor long trainings. Simply we it are able, and all. But here to repeat these tricks we do not advise!

Vasily Krivopalov kisses cobras

the High wire act - a kiss with a cobra - except Vasily, in Samara is not done by anybody.

37 - summer Vasily Krivopalov is more known in province on a scenic pseudonym Vasily Alibabaevich. And on a terrible trick: samarets kisses... With a cobra!

the hobby for snakes has begun at Vasily davnym - for a long time, to high school. Then it has arrived on biological faculty SamGu. Regularly left on catching of reptiles in southern socialist republics. But in due course borders were closed, to go to the same Kazakhstan became business hlopotnym so it was necessary to think of other source of the income.

the Thai show of snakes casually seen on the TV became the help. Here then - that Vasily also has dared.

now in its show Snakes some reptiles. With nonpoisonous - pythons and boas - he trusts to dance to girls from group. And here poisonous - Caucasian gremuchnikom, blue-eyed gjurzoj and monoklievoj in a cobra - is engaged itself.

- no special techniques of training of reptiles are present, - Vasily speaks. - the main thing is an experience of dialogue with reptiles. Snakes is not cats and not dogs, owners they do not recognise on a broader scale. So few times during performance they bit me. Therefore at me always near at hand antidote.

one of the most extreme numbers - a kiss with a cobra. Its sting is considered deadly. Vasily - the unique person in Samara and area who carries out this trick.

and still it is pleasant to public, when Vasily sdaivaet poison. Mixes it with vodka and suggests to drink the interested person. Spectators are horrified. Actually it is not dangerous, because snake poison under the influence of alcohol is turned off.

not so long ago on performances Vasily also swallowed of royal scorpions. They too very poisonous. But here has eaten everything, and new yet have not bought. Costs such skorpionchik, by the way, about 20 dollars for a piece.

there live all creatures at Vasily of the house. Members of household especially also are not indignant - have got used. But here the dragon on performances in special suitcases that reptiles have not run away transports and have not done in a noise city.


Vladimir Petrov constantly forgets about the gift.

Vladimir Petrov has called in edition with words:

- Why you consider, what samartsy is worse? To me here too subjects stick, but I in circus do not act...

and it is valid, our interlocutor has appeared is far from the artistic world. Vladimir Ivanovich - the chief of building management of Open Company neftetransservis .

- Remember times when on television various psychics acted? - Vladimir Petrov speaks. Is was in 1992. At night the woman from the screen has told that if spectators now will look to it in eyes within two minutes then to them subjects will start to be drawn. I also have tried! And has then gone on kitchen, has put to a spoon chest, has woken the wife and has shown it the new ability. In the morning I have once again checked up: abilities anywhere do not share, I on - former magnetised .

Here only Vladimir Ivanovich in any way does not develop the new gift.

- I on a broader scale forget about it. Year four any more did not remember, and has read in people - phenomena - also has remembered. And on a broader scale, to become the person - a magnet everyone can. Want, I now too will load you?

Certainly, I have agreed. Vladimir Ivanovich has brought a hand to my forehead, has taken it some seconds:

- Well everything, now you too a magnet. Here will come home, check up.

houses, without having had time to remove boots, I have rushed on kitchen for spoons. Has put to a chest one - keeps, the second, the third - do not fall! And here a plateau any more has not kept. Probably, experience has not sufficed...

Michael Berenbojm instead of words sees figures

to Michael Davidovichu enough one sight to define, how much subjects lie before it on a table.

the Inhabitant of Samara Michael Berenbojm possesses rare ability. Michael Davidovich can instantly tell, how much letters in any phrase. Hardly having greeted, I rush straight away.

- Michael Davidovich, how much letters in lines: I remember a wonderful instant, before me you were ?

- Forty, - the exact answer of Berenbojm at once gives.

- And count, please, letters in heading! - I show on the book lying on a desktop of Berenbojma.

- Forty five, - without reflecting Michael Davidovich speaks.

I recalculate: an error! Not 45, but 47.

- I am mistaken not in quantity of letters, and in the bill, - explains samarets. - Each phrase which is said by us during conversation, is conceived by me as a digital number. Each word - the figure designating quantity of letters in it. And I automatically put these figures. This process goes almost at subconscious level.

- Perhaps, such abilities were descended to me, only have undergone some changes, - Michael Berenbojm speaks. - My father was the known doctor in Samara, the main therapist of Samara. And its colleagues remember till now, how it diagnosed patients, spending on a body palms. He felt a status of an internal of the person, their power... And I, studying at institute, was fond of psychotherapy, studied hypnosis. And when all students went on a potato, I as a part of a propaganda team acted in rural clubs, entertained the people, spending sessions of mass hypnosis and including letters in phrases.

after a third year for so-called anti-Soviet propagation of Berenbojma have closed in a pre-trial detention centre. Having stayed some days and having written a heap of letters to different instances, Michael Davidovich has hypnotised security guards, has forced them to open a cage and together with other cellmates has passed to an exit some corridors. On an exit of fugitives have detained, however after that Berebojma have forced to write the receipt that it will not apply the abilities. And have then released.

- Michael Davidovich, you, probably, on all feasts entertain the gathered...

- yes, in a circle of friends, happens, we have a good time that I consider letters or things. I can instantly name quantity of homogeneous subjects. My mum when will stick pelmeni, always asks: Mish, how much here pieces?

after these words I start to display on a table of a spoon, a plug and knifes. Berenbojm delicately turns away - for cleanliness of experiment.

- everything, it is possible to look!

- 14, - hardly having turned, the person - a phenomenon speaks.

- it is correct! And how much yonder small squares on wall-paper? - I am not appeased.

- 16, - having darted a glance under a ceiling, - gives the right answer of Berenbojm.

Doubts does not remain: Michael Berenbojm really possesses surprising schetnymi abilities. Probably, to such person followed to become the scout. One sight at positions of the enemy - and, please, the full information: it is so much - that tanks, it is so much - that armoured troop-carriers, it is so much - that soldiers and officers. However Michael Davidovich has chosen more peace trade: now it is the general representative of airline Samara in Israel.

the Photo of authors and Dmitry BURLAKOVA.