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Where to buy elite clothes for copecks

In komissionkah and shops sekond - hend it is possible to get even Chanel and Gucci

All dream to wear clothes from Gucci and Chanel. But not all have a possibility to go to a boutique and to spend some hundreds dollars on veshchichku from the fashionable designer. The exit - to go in komissionku or sekond - hend where easily it is possible to find an exclusive, but at the comprehensible price.

simply and for all tastes

New commission shops of elite clothes are not similar on Soviet ancestors . Aby that here do not accept, that is why among assortment also models of known stamps Paco Rabanne quite often come across, Trussardi, Cartier and so forth

reception Conditions in all komissionkah usually a little than differ from each other. Things are better for bringing on a season - they ohotnee take shop. Under the passport it is made out the transaction the client defines the price which is underlined in the contract. In the same place terms during which this thing will hang in shop register also. If the thing has been sold, after sale the owner receives money minus those percent which takes komissionka for the services (usually these are 20 %). If the thing was not on sale, it utsenjaetsja (on the average - on 15 - 20 %). After the termination of the term registered in the contract, the owner at any moment can take away the goods. Thus komissionka takes from it of 3 % for the services.

accessible luxury

Not the smaller choice of fashionable models can be found and in shops sekond - hend. Their owners too prefer to take things only high quality. And many of them, as well as in komissionkah, - from known firms, it is simple with small marriage or unsold since last season.

for things in sekond - hende there are special marks. a drain - Designate absolutely new things, with labels, in packing, from the known firms, remained unsold in boutiques. a suite - too new things of known stamps, but for any reasons lost labels. ekstra - things/ at, but not rags, and high quality. the house-keeper - them sell on 10 roubles for a piece. Such addition to already existing classification was thought up by Irina Lobanova, the mistress of the Samara salon Clothes from Europe. Sekond - hend .

By the way, services Samara sekond - hendov do not disdain to use and people with a good prosperity. Owners of shops assert that quite often very rich people who want to save look on them also, having bought a thing of the fashionable designer for reasonable money. And still costumiers of the Samara theatres here come - select things for statements. And frequently find very extravagant models which we, having come to theatre, then we see on actors.