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We start to build the house

So, you have collected all necessary documents, have bought the land and have received the building licence. But while yours a heavenly spot is a naked site with a lonely birch. What steps need to be made the first stage?

Continuation. The beginning in numbers from November, 20th and on December, 4th, 2004

the STEP 4

the Brick or concrete?

the Basic properties of concrete - durability, frost resistance and heat conductivity. For today there is a considerable quantity of versions of concrete. One of the most perspective for building experts name foam concrete.

of this material do the small blocks which sizes exceed the sizes of a usual brick. That does building by faster, and also saves cement! One more advantage of foam concrete - it very well saves heat. Therefore one layer of blocks will be enough. There is also a lack - well absorbs a moisture. Therefore surfaces should be plastered. If it does not suit you, take for building of the house a brick. It poorly absorbs a moisture. And in addition to process a facade it is not necessary. Besides, a brick - stronger material. But the small house from a brick will manage much more expensively: and the material the price at it above is required more, and.

we search for builders

If the person you occupied, or a song hands have got used to axes not about you, builders, certainly, will be necessary for you. Prepare to that the brigade of builders will erect your mansion in the size, suppose, 6 to 6 metres with a penthouse under a roof on it is cement - the brick base within approximately 2 weeks. It is a minimum.

that they, in turn, will expect from you? In - the first that you will provide with it the bare roof over the head: There should be a place where it is possible to lay down, take cover, and an electric tile. Cement, a brick, a bar, a tow, nails sometimes builders deliver, and sometimes ask to be engaged in supply of owners - as agree. An optimum variant if you do it together. Then then there will be no mutual claims that someone not that has bought something. To the building beginning on a site there should be a well or a chink as it is required about 2 tons of water. Also it is necessary to reserve on 8 cubic m of sand and shchebenki (2 KamAZa) are all at the rate on the aforementioned house 6 on 6.