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The Samara boxer Alexander Alekseev: we photographed the Tile, wall-paper, a parquet and furniture in shops

From - for prolonged repair the sportsman had to postpone wedding

in the Summer in life of the champion of Europe and the silver prize-winner of the World championship Alexander Alekseeva there was a joyful event. In sports it has received two-room apartment for victories in a new building around the state university. Having returned from the Olympic Games, the boxer has started repair. Alexander counted that by New year will finish efforts on house arrangement, will celebrate a wedding and with the darling Elena will move to the new house. But dreams of the titled sportsman could not come true.

- I simply did not know that such repair, - admits Alexander. - in me already furniture on kitchen and a wall in a hall are reserved, the bedroom in a warehouse lies, the sofa is ready, the bath in garage costs, a tile - in the house, and the apartment so and is not finished till now to mind.

I do not love cold tone and acute angles

- Builders - surprising people, - Alexander shares impressions, - agree with them about one terms, give them week of a stock, and all of them equally are not in time, moreover and portachat .

especially long, by a recognition of the sportsman, he suffered with floors. In its apartment the parquet should be laid on the concrete basis. And that builders have levelled a floor how it is necessary, Alekseevu had to war one and a half month. All this time he did not sign the certificate about delivery - apartment acceptance. All defects managed to be eliminated only by December. Then the eminent boxer has started re-planning.

Alexey`s bathroom plans to connect to a toilet, a loggia - to warm and transform into a verandah. And here to clean a wall between kitchen and a hall and to arrange a huge drawing room the boxer has not wanted.

- I do not love cold tone and acute angles, - Alexander tells about the tastes. - Very often I should happen in travelling, therefore it would be desirable heat and a cosiness at home. So I prefer more to warm colours: brown and yellow. Though elements of the avant-guard, interesting finds I do not refuse. For example, instead of armchairs on a verandah we have bought interesting pears. They are filled by a soft material, like polyfoam, at desire it is possible to make a table of them - a stool or an armchair. And in a corridor which occupies 14 square metres from us, we will put a case - a compartment of the huge sizes that all things there to combine. This case - a subject of our constant jokes. I here will arrive suddenly from gathering, and there ten persons sits - laughing, I speak to Lena. Also I warn: Look at me!

an interior of the future apartment modelled on the computer

While builders struggled with a floor, Alexander and Elena selected in new apartment a tile, wall-paper, a parquet, furniture. In this hard business the digital camera very was useful to them.

- we went shopping and photographed the attracted building materials and furniture. And at the same time and price lists, - has shared the nou - hau Alexander, - in solid shops on tablets the product price, phones and even the shop address are specified. So at us in the computer the quite good information base - that where and how much in Samara to buy has turned out. Photos did a little: from apart, more close... And then exhausted them in the computer and considered, how materials or things will be combined with each other. Thus we have picked up a bathroom and bedroom interior. The designer has praised us for resource, has told that good fellows - after all on the computer screen at once it is visible, a leah subjects to each other on colour and as it is better to place them approach.

of repair I do not think only one day in a week

- If all the week long you are engaged in repair, it bothers to a nausea, - Alexander admits. - to days off already it would be desirable nothing: on shops to go, building materials to choose, to dream. But I have found a way out: for one day I am switched off also I do not think of repair. And next day all this krugovert begins anew.


Alexanders ALEXEYS, the boxer

Was born in Samara.
acts in a weight category of 91 kg.
the silver prize-winner of the World championship in 2003.
the champion of Europe of 2004.
the participant of the Olympic games - 2004 in Greece.
a hobby: a snowboard, mountain and a water ski.