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To the Samara basketball players players Belgian " have arranged mordoboj

In a match of Euroleague; Deksii have broken noses at once to three Samara sportswomen

Last two weeks have stood out for girls from VBM - SGAU especially strained. Both competitors awesome, and distances serious, and time for restoration has not enough.

on December, 3rd samarchanki have won back in Poland with Gdynia and on December, 6th - in Ekaterinburg with UGMK. And, without having had time to have a rest plainly, again have gone to Europe on a rendezvous with " command; Deksija from Belgium - the main competitor in a subgroup With .

Surprises in Belgium have begun even before game. The Russians exhausted by flights have lodged in an hour of driving from sport centre. But it were florets.

berries have blossomed during game. Deksija as well as VBM - SGAU, in Euroleague went without defeats. Internal fight should reveal the leader in group. It is clear that Belgians were not going to concede a palm. Especially - on the platform.

- competitors played very rigidly, - Maria Stepanova, - and in the heat of struggle to me has told one of leaders of the Samara command, to Ole Arteshinoj and Tamara Satton - Brown have struck on a nose. I - that still anything, and here Ole have broken a nose, and Tamara except a nose - also a lip. Satton - Brown, without having sustained painful shock, has fallen on a platform and some seconds lay prone...

However, the rigid manner of game has not helped Belgians. And if in the match beginning our girls missed a ring already to the game middle have reduced backlog and in the third quarter have escaped forward. The meeting ending has turned out dramatic. American Sheril Svups has coolly executed penal, and volzhanki three points have moved. Then Belgians were accepted deliberately folit - in calculation that we will respond roughness, and judges will punish opponents the penal. But our girls have not given in on provocation and have defeated with a difference in one point - 68:67. Our club goes in Euroleague without defeats: 5 matches - 5 victories.