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Driver KamAza has rescued 18 children

Having seen that the school bus has taken out on a counter strip, Michael Trofimov has directed the car to a ditch

On Thursday morning schoolboys of village Gorodtsovka of Krasnoyarsk area as usual have embused. Every morning they go in the next village Ekaterinovka for study: in Gorodtsovke of school is not present.

At children the hysterics

the Bus has begun was late minutes for ten. But to school absolutely nearby so to the first lesson children quite were in time. With hubbub schoolboys have taken the places. The driver has included vigorous music...

however at departure on a line school pazik has suddenly taken out on an oncoming traffic strip. Just at this time on a line KamAZ flied...

- Usually I sit at the left, from the driver, - seventh-grader Azada Bajramova has told to the correspondent. - We stirred with the girl-friend. And here I have suddenly noticed ahead something big and dark. For fear I have closed eyes. And has then felt blow. I was a little knocked by a head. And when has opened eyes, has seen turned KaMAZ. Here then all were frightened. Nastja, the first-grader, the first has begun to cry, has cried: “ I Am afraid, am afraid! “ and after it at all the hysterics has begun. Then driver KamAza has run up to us, has helped to open a bus door, we left on a line. Also have seen that our driver lies on other party of road in a blood pool. Someone has checked up at it pulse, and to us have told that the driver has died. Cars around stopped, someone has called “ fast “. But anybody was ill nothing, so we, without waiting doctors, have decided to go back home.

“ I thought, me a cover! “

Already in half an hour after failure a brigade “ first aid “ went on houses of Gorodtsovki, checking state of health of children. Then - that also was found out that from 18 schoolboys going in pazike, only at one crisis of a clavicle and a nose. All the others have got off with easy bruises. However, five children have just in case taken away in hospital.

the inspector Krasnoyarsk ROVD Denis Zhabin schitae that was possible to avoid  destruction of children only thanks to fast reaction of driver KamAza of Michael Trofimova. Risking own life, it has directed the car to a ditch. Heavy KamAZ has turned over, but Michael has not received serious wounds.

Michael Trofimov the hero of does not feel.

Michael Trofimov of anything heroic in the act does not see. It goes many years on this line on a route Belebej (Bashkortostan) - Tolyatti.

- I have seen that the school bus which left on the main road and should pass me why - that has gone directly and has left on a counter strip, - Michael tells. - and before the snow-storm has passed, skolzko was, here it and has dragged directly on me. The decision has accepted mechanically - has sharply turned out a wheel. But when has seen that in a hole I fall, everything, I think, a cover to me!

now Michael Trofimova is waited in native Belebee by the wife, two children and grandsons. The driver while is in Red Jare. Expects the investigation termination.