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Small Svups has led round the senior children

In a match against Novosibirsk the Dynamo - Energy the Samara spectators have seen for the first time American Sheril Svups in business. But the triple Olympic champion not very well played. Svups this evening simply did not have a throw. It was appreciable that the sportswoman is dissatisfied with itself: continually Sheril screwed up the face and swung a head.

the son of the champion, small Jordan observed of a match course. But to sit on a bench to the boy quickly has bored. And while mum battled on a platform, small Svups vigorously beat on a ring located sideways from a game field.

and after the termination of a match Jordan has taken a place of Sheril. Small Svups has taken off on the main arena and, having collected round itself adult children, has rushed to a basket. And though to hammer in a ball 7 - to the summer boy it was not possible, the son of the Olympic champion all - taki has broken to a ring, skilfully having led round the rivals.


Maria Stepanovoj`s Son has played basketball by fur-tree toys

Small Kohl has confused fur-tree spheres with basketball balls.

Basketball talents bleshchet not only small Jordan, but also Kohl - centre Maria Stepanovoj`s son. Houses at the kid to whom in January 2 years will be executed, the basketball ring hangs. The child with passion throws there all roundish subjects. And recently to a basket have departed... Fur-tree toys.

- Soon new year, and me wanted to create celebratory atmosphere in the house, - Maria Stepanova has told. - I have pasted on windows of a snowflake and have decorated a fur-tree. It has However, staid dressed up not for long. Nikolay has accepted spheres for balls, has removed from a fur-tree and perekidal them in a basketball ring! Now the fur-tree costs without toys: I have solved while it not to dress up. And snowflakes have escaped only on the top of windows. The others of Kohl has peeled...

Alexey`s MAJSHEVA photo.