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The student has mastered two subjects on five : how more to eat and how longer to have a sleep!

journalists have walked on high school dining rooms of Samara

eternally hungry student gnawing a granite of a science, - a favourite subject of jokes. Times change, and students and continue to remain hungry, and during a main recess all aspire to occupy faster turn in a dining room... Journalists have decided to remember student`s youth, have walked on dining rooms of the Samara high schools and have found out that:

- Practically in each higher educational institution there are dining rooms or cafe where it is possible to find a hot dinner. The exception is made only by separate cases of high schools, in which instead of dining rooms - buffets with a batch, sausages in the test and... Cigarettes. On a broader scale in the end of October the State Duma has made changes to the Federal law About restriction of smoking of tobacco . According to them retail of tobacco products in the organisations of public health services, culture, fizkulturno - the sports organisations, in territories and in premises of educational institutions, and also on distance less than 100 metres from borders of territories of educational institutions now is forbidden.

- feed students it is tasty, and - the main thing - is safe. In city SES to us have informed that for current academic year complaints to student`s dining rooms did not arrive. In comparison with the same cafes and restaurants, the sanitary code is observed, a unique minus - the out-of-date equipment on which cook food.

- as a whole the traditional dinner consisting of sausage, mashed potatoes, salad and tea will manage on the average in 25 - 30 roubles. If to consider that the grant at students approximately 400 roubles has dinner in a native dining room they can 14 - 16 times!

- each high school has the features, concerning dining rooms. For example, students of academy of culture have complained of a dirt and rough service, and pupils of space university have bragged that eat in Flight ! But in any high school the dining room is a place where it is always full of the people and where serious fights for last pie at times are conducted.


do not believe advertising of chocolates!

Marina ZATULIN, the dietitian, the candidate of medical sciences:

- to Students I would advise to take necessarily for a dinner vegetable salad, meat, and it is better - fish. In it a considerable quantity of phosphorus useful to cerebration contains. Certainly, many pupils have not time to eat plainly and buy any batch which chew vsuhomjatku. It would be desirable to advise to arrange at shortage of time perekus with fruit. The matter is that a popular belief that the student should eat chocolates or other sweets, not absolutely correctly.

in a batch and chocolate the large quantity of the refined sugar which is the powerful power stimulator, operating short time contains. When sugar arrives in an organism provokes development of a hormone of insulin which splits it. After that we feel repeated desire to eat the sweet. Better to say, the batch and chocolate call feeling of accustoming. And more - do not believe advertising of a snickers and the similar chocolates assuring - has eaten also an order. To abuse sweet it is impossible, differently it is possible to become easily the chocolate addict .

If the student will badly eat - it it will be bad to study.
if the student will well eat - it it will be good to sleep.
(from student`s folklore).


I have bought in buffet a bun,
Juice cranberry a mug,
Two govjazhii cutlets -
Thirty two have given for it.
only it is the beginnings,
As a stomach zaurchal,
There is a hunting all the same -
Silently I eat, I look in a window.

(from student`s folklore).