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Yakubovich oblozhilsamartsev a floor-mat

And performance in Tolyatti the leader Miracle fields hardly has not exchanged for flight in the plane

On Monday, on December, 13th, in District Officers` Club at the full notice has passed performance - a comedy Let`s have fun in which play the present stars of the Russian theatre and cinema - Larissa Golubkina, Nina Ruslanova, Xenia Talyzina, Ivar Kalnynsh and Leonid Yakubovich.

bad mood

From Leonid Arkadevicha`s actor`s skill public was delighted with non-flying weather. But here the Samara organizers of performance behaviour of the leader Miracle fields hardly has not finished to a nervous breakdown. According to the approached persons, the favourite of adults and children has shown the character in Tolyatti. It is literally in an hour prior to the beginning of performance uncle Lenja has declared that at it bad mood and that he will buy the ticket for Moscow and will leave back. But at the last minute Yakubovich has changed the mind. Probably, strongly wanted to do some flying over the Volga open spaces (we already wrote that in Samara Leonid Arkadevich was going to operate plane - sabbatical number see). However, and in Smyshljaevke the showman have afflicted - from - for non-flying weathers the planned flight should be cancelled.

Obmateril of all for a hole in a carpet

Then cheeful Yakubovich has decided to recoup on the Samara organizers.

- examining before performance scene ODO, Yakubovich has found a hole in a carpet of a floor, - Elena Voronina, manager ODO, - and the beginnings " has told to the correspondent; obkladyvat a string of obscenities of all who at that point in time was in a hall.

once again not to injure Leonid Arkadevicha`s mentality, organizers have hastily covered a minor defect. And after performance, having refused dialogue with the press, Yakubovich has quickly left in hostel.


According to the Samara organizers of performance Let`s have fun Larissa Golubkina has appeared not choosiest of all stars. In Samara the actress was going to visit art gallery, but from - for constant moving at it pressure has risen and it was necessary to refuse this idea.

Dmitry`s BURLAKOVA Photo.