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There is a red diploma, and - the regional ohm

At the best graduates piterskihvuzov is not got on with love private life

Any guarantees

every summer in Petersburg celebrate the best graduates of the higher uchebnyhzavedeny. For them hold a reception, the governor hands over reading and writing istatuetki sphinxes, speeches about the big future and knowingly potrachennyhna study sound years. Then music plays and champagne flows.

was and one year ago. In the governmental residence To - 2 have gathered 67μξλξδϋυ experts.

and next day the promised big future has begun. To be exact - everyday life in which it has appeared that the red diploma does not give nikakihgaranty that all will develop successfully. Even chances does not raise. Employers why - that not very much are interested in colour of crusts to which students go whole five, and even six years. Be you hototlichnik, and all the same - the young expert. And near to patriarchs tynikto.

From high school - in depression

Dasha Ermakova has faced such statement of a question, luchshajavypusknitsa Institute of psychology and social work. She dreamt obochen simple things: to help people to find work and the place vzhizni.

- you will not believe, but I the unemployed, - told Dasha in the autumn. - but now I can write a sketch or even the textbook of methodics “ Where and kakiskat work. How to be pleasant to the employer. As izbavitsjaot depressions “. Alas, the future sketch will be polonoptimizma, but completely not concrete results.

- really there was also a depression?

- and as! Where without it?

However, in the spring the voice of the girl sounded much more joyfully:

- I have found work! And almost right after that conversation with you. Probably, you to me have brought good luck. However, I work not vgosudarstvennoj as wanted, and in private office - the manager popersonalu in advertising agency. I am engaged in selection of employees, ihobucheniem. The salary? Certainly, I am dissatisfied with it. But it is a problem neraboty, and mine. I feel that I can offer more and receive more.

but at the graduate of University of technology and design Dans of Velk problems work it was not primary: the girl co-operated for a long time with one izobuvnyh firms.

- I project footwear, - have informed Dan. - the salary normal, osobennoesli to consider that me periodically send in business trips abroad. For example, to Milan, on exhibitions.

- and on private life time remains?

- Eh … we will tell so: I the girl free, still in ozhidaniipredlozhenija.

Cyril Kamelin: - At me all private life on work.

On love there is no time

It seems that it is a karma of the best graduates of last year - a little who from nihudachno has affairs on personal front. One year ago we sprashivalirebjat, receiving diplomas from Valentina Matvienko`s hands: what for it etonuzhno? They responded: so it has turned out. And like did not want stanovitsjaluchshimi but why - that study was given easily, and process poluchenijaznany has appeared fascinating. Like not “ botany “ - from all crowd of graduates a maximum of steam of young men approached podetot a type. The others have appeared nice enough and zhizneradostnymiljudmi. And many girls that to hide, simply beauties. If bytolko not constant shortage of time!

- I am very occupied, therefore I do not presume to myself serious relations smuzhchinami and furthermore a marriage, - graduate UniversitetaMvD Olga Shvechkova speaks. Is all ahead. For now I am active pishudissertatsiju as I want before to finish adjunkturu. Prihoditsjachasto to go to Moscow. There, in parliamentary library, I sobirajumaterial for my work. Its subject is connected with legal status deputatagosudarstvennoj thoughts in the Russian empire.

affairs on warm front and at men not is better are.

- At me all private life on work, - sighs vypusknikpedagogicheskogo university Cyril Kamelin. - Simply there is no time podumato something else. I taught this year at regional school and odnovremennodelal the dissertation. A subject? How to write interesting and clear dljarebjat history textbooks. But now I get over to Petersburg, vgimnaziju. Painfully far to go in area, and on stand vuniversitete it is necessary to appear.

Time is painted for a year forward and at the graduate of conservatory PavlaRajkerusa.

- Paul studies in postgraduate study and gives concerts, - has told it mamasvetlana Glebovna. - It the pianist, already the half-world with tours has gone round. That it became the best in the release, of course, very pleasant fact vbiografii, but we already go further.

Vera Matveeva has gone to postgraduate study of medical university. Weigh its day is a study, scientific books and patients.

the Club of lonely hearts

in general, is time to do with it something. Children do not complain of destiny, neishchut acquaintances. But after all wait. The “ the five “ oninachali to suffice, when were still kids and private life kazalasvzrosloj nonsense. Children grew, and parents continued them νΰρςπΰθβΰςό:σχθρό well, and there will be to you a happiness. It has appeared - not absolutely so. Estuspeh which career at whom is, and the happiness …

is shorter, just right to create clubs of lonely hearts. Well at least in Publichnojbiblioteke and library of Academy of Sciences. The recipe is checked up still by a film “ Moscow does not believe tears “. You come to work - and there all the same sit same, as you. And almost everyone in secret hopes that now to it will pay attention “ tadevushka “ or “ that guy “. Perhaps it is time to library heads to think of places where it is possible narushittishinu and though hardly - hardly to communicate? Business - that serious.

Alexander GORELIK
gorelik@kppublish. ru