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At muzhiks have begun to tremble knees: shorts and vests have removed sportswomen!

for shootings of a calendar of the basketball player from club VBM - SGAU have put on evening dresses

that the Samara basketball players - the best in Russia very few people doubts. Position of the command in standings speaks for itself. However our girls - not only strong sportswomen, but also the present beauties. That is why the club management has decided to place images of basketball players on a colourful calendar of 2005.

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we not girls, and sportswomen!

last year basketball players acted in film on a calendar in the sports form habitual for them. But this time photographer Valery Afanasev has asked sportswomen to come on photosession in vesper dresses.

- the idea to me was thrown by little girls, - Valery " admitted; - They have told that as - that time came back malicious after the lost match. And suddenly behind them young children were co-ordinated: Girls, what is your name? Let`s get acquainted! - yes not girls we, and sportswomen! - one of basketball players has in a fit of temper thrown. And it wanted to me to go by contradiction. Yes, during game of the little girl are exposed to surplus loads. But they, first of all, women - beautiful and harmonous.

shootings were conducted in extreme conditions. Almost all command was required to be photographed for one day. And each girl needed to be brushed and made up at first. The conveyor system rescued: while the photographer worked with one sportswoman, two hairdressers and the visagiste prepared others. But the main complexity has appeared in absence... Vesper clothes.

- almost all girls live not in Samara, and many took with themselves only the most necessary, - Valery Afanasev tells. - it was necessary to get out on a place. Other problem consisted that basketball players is universal love black colour. They consider that it conceals a figure. And I even have begged: the Little girls expensive if I remove all of you in black that for a calendar at us will turn out!

at Tamara Satton - Brown - the Hollywood smile

is Most from sportswomen - foreigners to the photographer Tamara Satton - Brown was remembered.

- I saw the sportswoman on a platform, - Valery Afanasev speaks. - Such heavy, with small kosolapostju. - But when Tamara has come to studio, has changed clothes and has made up, I was in shock. On my eyes wonderful incarnating has come true! Tamara - the present model. When I have seen its smile, at once have told: About, it is absolute Hollywood!

Ilone Korstin has got from the hairdresser

- to Ilona Korstin - very beautiful girl. And to photograph it the pleasure is simple, - Valery Afanasev has told about work with the captain. - the Unique problem consisted in hair. To the girl the nature gives fluffy hair, and we have decided to make a hairdress with so-called wet effect . Time has been limited, and the hairdresser had to manage too rigidly with hair of Ilony. I had to interfere. he/she is the bronze prize-winner of the Olympic Games, - I have told to the hairdresser, - and you so tear up to it a head!

Julja the Queen has chosen the most fashionable in Europe a flower

Specially for photosession 14 different bunches of flowers have been reserved. As girls represented different seasons, plants selected for tone and colour scale by the winter, spring, summer and autumn. Was among bouquets and a novelty - a flower proteja, the most fashionable today in Europe. However to basketball players it why - that has not attracted.

- here still, with this sunflower to be photographed! - Sportswomen were indignant.

- we even have called the phytodesigner and wanted to replace a bouquet, - Afanasev remembers. - But it has convinced us that on this plant all Europe goes mad.

Julja the Queen has appeared the unique sportswoman who liked an unusual plant. The basketball player with pleasure was photographed with a rare flower.

Masha is similar to the Snow Maiden

- Maria Stepanova has brought a black vesper dress with a cape, - Valery tells. - but I have suggested the sportswoman to be photographed with the bared hands. It was a pity to close them. Maria does not have sticking out veins, veins and relief muscles. Hands beautiful, long. And the sportswoman is similar to the Snow Maiden - all such white and plastic.

Sheril Svups Triple Olympic champion Sheril Svups has brought to Samara a cosmetics suitcase

was on photosession in jeans and a vest. As the American basketball player admitted, to Samara it took all pair of sweaters and sportswear. But the photographer has not become puzzled. Has wrapped a transatlantic star in a bright matter and has picked up a bouquet from tropical colours.

- on photosession of Sheril has come with the cosmetics, - Valery continues. - my visagiste has not fallen nearly when has seen beautician Svups! Represent, such small suitcase: 40 sm at length, 20 - at width, 25 - in height. It is displayed on branches. And there the whole arsenal of cosmetic means! By the way, for black women there is a special cosmetics which includes special voice-frequency creams and powder.

and At this time

Stepanova and Korstin can get a gold basket

Today in Moscow will define the best Russian basketball players following the results of last season

on December, 16th annual ceremony of delivery of awards " will take place; Gold basket - 2004 . The competition founded by the Russian Federation of basketball, should reveal the best in this sport. Three basketball players - Maria Stepanova, Ilona Korstin (both is VBM - SGAU) and Elena Baranova (" will challenge an honorary title; the Dynamo - Moscow). All three girls in 2004 became owners of the Olympic bronze medals in Greece, but Ilona Korstin and Maria Stepanova plus to all other have merited a rank of champions of Russia in structure VBM - SGAU. So into chances at ours to get a gold basket slightly more preferably, than at Baranovoj.

Except the titled sportswomen can cause a stir and Samara the pilot Andrey Komarovsky (TSSK - the Air Forces). It will argue for the right to be called as the best young basketball player of Russia with three sportsmen: Victor Kejru (UNIX), Romanom Lekvterom ( Khimki ) And Dmitry Sokolovym ( the Locomotive - Rostov).

By the way, trainer TSSK - the Air Forces Oleg Kim also has got to number of nominees as the best trainer of a men`s team. And here its colleague from VBM - SGAU Igor Grudin can cause a stir at once in two nominations - as the best Russian trainer working with women`s teams, and the best club trainer of the Russian Superleague.

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