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There has not come yet summer, chew vitamins from a package!

the frozen vegetables - the present lifesaver for the mistress. Has opened a package, has thrown on a frying pan - and the garnish is ready!


How to choose to a frost

Taisja AVERYANOV, the cook of VI category, the merited master of the Russian Federation, the master of inservice training of professional lycee 10:

In the frozen kind to us green peas, a siliculose string bean, tomatoes, vegetable marrows, the Bulgarian pepper, corn, a potato, a cauliflower, a beet, greens usually arrive. Bystrozamorozhennye vegetables save all properties of natural products: taste, aroma, colour. And the maintenance of useful substances in them at correct storage does not change at all. Choosing to a frost in shop crumple a package a hand: all components should separate easily from each other. If feel that in polyethylene one continuous ice lump, do not buy this product - means, vegetables were already defrozen, and then have been again frozen. Having opened packing, pay attention to colour of vegetables - it should be bright. If the product was already defrozen, vegetables will have a pale kind . Such a frost it is not suitable to the use.


there is more than half of Russians do not buy frosts . According to the sociological research spent by agency ROMIR Monitoring, the frozen vegetables and fruit are in demand basically at young men from 18 till 34 years. Sociologists explain it shortage at youth of time for cooking and more high level of incomes. Besides the young generation has not had time to get yet summer residences and does not prepare gifts of kitchen gardens for the future as it is done by people of advanced age. The most bought frosts - A green peas, a cauliflower, corn, field mushrooms.


That is underlined on packing

1. Structure. In packing of mixes put from 4 to 20 components. The product which is put in bolshem quantity, is underlined to the first.
2. A Rostest sign.
3. Conformity STATE THAT or THAT.
4. Term and storage temperature. Vegetable frosts should be stored in shop at t - 18 degrees. Houses in the refrigerator: at t - 6 degrees - two days, at t - 12 degrees - 2 weeks.
5. A way of preparation.
6. The exact data of the manufacturer.

and At this time

Vegetables from a freezer it is more useful fresh!

But not everything, but only what carry from the southern countries not during a season . The Austrian society of consumers has compared nutritional value a frost and fresh vegetables which are on sale in the winter and in the spring. It has appeared that the maintenance of vitamins in frosts much above, than at fresh import colleagues. Fresh by sight vegetables make a long way before to get on a counter and partially lose the useful properties. Besides in import vegetables there was above a level of lead, cadmium and pesticides.


Recipes from Taisi Averjanovoj

the Ragout vegetable

Vegetables to fry on a frying pan, to fill in with red sauce and to extinguish 15 - 20 minutes.

red sauce: an onion, carrots, korenja to brown, a flour to fry to golden colour. The fried vegetables and a flour to fill in with a broth, to add a tomato and to cook about an hour. Then the received mix to filter, vegetables to wipe and more time to finish to boiling. In ready sauce to add salt and pepper on taste.

a vegetable garnish

Vegetables to fry, add a little soya sauce. To submit to meat and to fish dishes.

attention! Before preparation it is not necessary to defreeze vegetables!


Standard (400 grammes) a package of the frozen vegetable mix of the Hungarian or Bulgarian manufacture - from 25 roubles.