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Debtors under the rent will force to work as yard keepers

the New municipal policy samartsam have explained on fingers

Samara kommunalshchiki have begun struggle against those who does not pay the rent. By calculations of city administration, such debts has collected on 300 million roubles. To belief of debtors apply the most different measures. Representatives ZHEU go on apartments of the most malicious defaulters and convince what not to pay - badly. If arrangements do not operate, promise day through 3 - 4 to disconnect either water, or an electricity, or heating. And after the expired term chop off these or those communications. But other measures are provided also. If the salary at you small and to pay municipal debts it does not turn out in any way - there are no problems: will suggest to fulfil, having worked for blessing ZHEU. In general, otvertetsja from rent payments samartsam it will not be possible to the unemployed. Such debtors in a trice will employ the yard keeper, the cleaner or will find another feasibly - municipal employment.


Since new year of all inhabitants of the Samara region is waited by increase of utility bills. After signing of the project by the governor, since January, 1st samartsy will pay 90 % of utility bills (before paid 80 %). And within 2005 it is planned and to pass at all to 100 - percentage payment of habitation and utilities.

a sign language zamglavy administrations of Samara of Vladimir Vasilenko in transfer

- the Salary here such packs receive, and for apartment do not pay!

- it is not a shame?

- At whom money is not present, will go on street yard keepers to work...

- Cut it to itself on a nose!

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