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Samarchankam have arranged masks - show

Basketball players VBM - SGAU have played against one of the most rough commands of Euroleague

On Wednesday on a parquet MTL - Arenas serious passions boiled. Our little girls battled to one of the most rigid European commands USO Basket . However, outwardly Frenchwomen did not remind awesome monsters. Unless only number 13 - Emilija of Girlfriends who from - acted for traumas in a frightening mask. The others - usual girls, pretty and, by the way, not so high. Before the beginning of a match the leader USO Basket - American Grejs Delej - shook hands to ours, friendly smiling. Alas, competitors have appeared not such diplomatic.

Even in falling of Amajja Valdemoro has managed to save a ball for the command.

We took skill and growth

to Small Frenchwomen it was difficult to compete with more masterovitymi and high samarchankami. Especially under another`s board. There reigned centre - Masha Stepanova (205 sm) and Ann Vouters (195 sm). And then guests were accepted to shoot our ring from afar. Four exact trehochkovyh a throw - and advantage of our basketball players has evaporated. Competitors and forbidden tricks used. Were pushed, pushed stealthily an elbow. Also have put out of action forward Amajju Valdemoro. The sportswoman, having fallen, has hurt a shoulder and could not play full force any more.

the disturbing call has sounded in the beginning of last quarter, when rupture in the bill between USO Basket and VBM - SGAU has made only two points. And here our little girls have blown up. Ann Vouters was especially good. The Belgian turned under a ring as jula, without admitting competitors. Also drove in as nail balls in a basket, having earned as a result of 22 points. The fighting spirit of the girlfriend was supported on command by Lawson, Korstin and Arteshina. The trainer of Frenchwomen shouted at the wards as announced. Vainly. VBM - SGAU has defeated USO Basket with the bill 74:61.

Ilona in the person has told to the American everything that of it thinks.

Grejs has struck Korstin

Most of all points at Frenchwomen following the results of a match has typed the American legionary Grejs Delej (22 points, as well as at Vouters). The tiny basketball player, which growth only 170 sm, dexterously as if the cat, sliped under a ring, stole balls from hands, actively operated under a board. But Grejs also was remembered by frank roughness. In the end of a duel it has stealthily struck an elbow poddyh Ilonu Korstin. Captain VBM - SGAU has failed on a parquet. Ilona it was converted behind the help to the referee. The arbitrator has called up Grejs, but that instead of apologies has made an astonished face. And here Ilona has flared up. At first has voiced the American everything that of it thinks. And, having pushed the competitor an elbow, has gone on other half of platform. Grejs has expressively looked at the arbitrator. That has kept silent, without having allowed the conflict to inflame.

- Grejs plays dirty basketball, - it was voiced after a match Korstin. Is at all basketball, it is boxing. I do not respect such players. I have received blow poddyh. At me has intercepted breath, and I at first have not understood that occurs. On a broader scale this command very artful, and we knew it. One Grejs plays roughly not. But we have stood on hind legs, have found forces to come off competitors in the bill and to win. Though to us today it is uneasy. In the command a problem with structure. From - for traumas there are no fourth numbers, the big loading lays down on the centre. They play without a respite...


We should not be star ballerinas!

Igor of BREASTS, head coach VBM - SGAU:

- After victory the fighting spirit was gone in World league at the command. We play roughly, with a considerable quantity of errors. Yes, there are problems with structure. But we are simply obliged to play more strongly. After all on class VBM - SGAU above USO - Basketa . I warned players that the French team is strong bojtsovskim spirit. There players very fast, mobile. They at home, in last match, losing 17 points, have pulled out victory. Rigidly play? So it is Euroleague. We, when against us start to play rigidly, we feel discomfort. As it so, us, great, offend, do to us painfully! If we also conduct ourselves further so we will remind star ballerinas, instead of basketball players.

Alexey`s MAJSHEVA photo.