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Dates of day

Today, on August, 7th:

292 years ago - in 1714 Russian fleet has gained the first krupnujupobedu. During Gangutsky fight the Swedish fleet has been crushed. Otsenivajarezultaty battles, Peter I has told: « the State, kotoroeodno overland has an army, one hand has, and which and the fleet has - both hands has ».

203 years ago - in 1803 Kronstadt left shljupy « Neva » and « Hope » podkomandovaniem Krusenstern and Lisjansky. It was the first rossijskajakrugosvetnaja expedition.

171 one year ago - in 1835 in Petersburg Universitetskijustav has been let out. According to it universities lost an autonomy and podchinjalisministerstvu national education.

147 years ago - in 1859 on the Isaakievsky area has been opened pamjatniknikolaju I works of sculptor Klodta. Not most favourite by the people bylimperator. But the monument really is wreck of Petersburg.

85 years ago - in 1921 in Petrograd in the apartment on Ofitserskojulitse (now street of Decembrists) poet Alexander Blok has died.