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The Samara communal flat becomes commercial

On questions of readers the head of Department of municipal economy and ecology Vladimir VASILENKO

responds is far not each visitor coming to a press - the centre, calls such agiotage, as Vladimir Vasilenko. In taken away for the Direct line hour phone was literally heated from calls. To give the chance to communicate personally to the main thing kommunalshchikom cities as it is possible bolshemu for quantity of readers, we had to establish time limit: one call - one question. But even after such maneuver the quantity of questions remains is too great, that all of them could go in on newspaper strips. Therefore today we publish only those answers which are actual for the majority of townspeople.

about heating

- Vladimir Andreevich, you are disturbed by tenants of the house 137 along the street Tashkent. At us very cold house, the battery warmish...

- The matter is that after inclusion of system of heating by worker some time is required still to adjust temperature. Within the next few days all works will be finished, and in your apartment becomes warm.

by the way, for us works also own the Direct line . Having called by phone 334 - 91 - 91, townspeople can inform on problems with a heat supply. We have already considered 417 references, and the most part of problems managed to be solved. This year warmly in apartments of townspeople has appeared even earlier, than it is provided by existing specifications. But after all heating system has earned, as a rule, it is necessary to solve separately problems on some boiler-houses and in concrete apartments. We now also are engaged in it. Unfortunately, is in Samara and those objects which simply do not concern municipal economy, therefore it is difficult to us to supervise heat giving in such premises. For example, the circus building is registered on balance of the Ministry of culture, and legally the Ministry should solve itself problems with energetikami. But we try to be engaged and such objects as they are in the city territory.

about growth of municipal tariffs

- My name is Anatoly Fedorovich, I live in Railway area. Tariffs for housing and communal services constantly grow. The next increase will occur since new year. In this connection a question: you that in newspapers the data of auditor checks of housing and communal services of each disctrict of the city has been published could promote? It would be desirable to see, how much have made in 2005 of an expense for all kinds of works, on payment of the salary to a management everyone of workers and employees, taxes and so on - that is where those sums which were paid by townspeople for services have left.

- It is not necessary to wait auditor check. You can come to me to Department, and I will present you data on payments of townspeople is not the classified information. Well and the check conclusion on housing and communal services of Railway area will be ready approximately in a week, is ready to give you a copy.

despite all complexities, indicators of work of the Samara public utilities become better. If last year we have updated 19 kilometres of heating mains, in flowing - already 24. The Same and with repair of entrances. Last year have repaired 849, in it is already 2018. Lacks, of course, suffices, but also progress is available. Moreover, if on repair of any communications, entrances or roofs money has been allocated is an open information. You can always go to regional committee of housing and communal services and demand to report in where those or other sums have been spent.

as to increase of tariffs for utilities they grow together with power tariffs, plus inflation. By the way, in the beginning 2005 - go we have endured much more serious jump of municipal tariffs, than that is expected in 2006. Let`s wait, when in December they will be definitively confirmed at federal level. After that it will be possible to speak about quotations in regions and in Samara in particular how much will rise in more details.

this year kommunalshchiki have updated 24 kilometres of heating mains.

- Hello, Vladimir Andreevich. My name is Tatyana Fedorovna Selifanova, I live in the Soviet area. My apartment is on the ground floor, but every month I give 85 roubles for lift service, and since new year I will pay even more. But after all I never use the lift so for what I cry?

- the Lift is an engineering construction, a house part, therefore to pay for its service all tenants of an entrance should. Try to present to itself that from you and, say, tenants of the second floors a payment will not take. In this case experts from liftovogo economy will be simply urged to limit movement of a booth to the third floor. But as doctors will guess it fast the help or emergency services? I assure you, it very much will complicate their work.

Besides, if we will start to divide the house into parts tenants of floors above the seventh can refuse to pay for deratization simply because rodents seldom get so highly. You, in turn, then will refuse to pay for roof repair as leakings do not disturb you. Present that then will be. Huge mess, and set of problems for all tenants of an entrance.

about management companies

- Hello, Vladimir Andreevich! As far as I know, spring of next year all houses in Samara will pass to service by private public utilities. Tell about it, please. And how all it will occur?

- it is valid, since March, 1st, 2006 all available housing will pass to service by private management companies. Today in a city already is about ten such organisations which are ready to render to townspeople utilities. To receive utilities, proprietors of habitation should choose one of ways of management of the house. One of them - to form fellowship of proprietors of habitation (TSZH) and to conclude the contract on rendering of utilities with the private company.

the way of management will be defined by the house at general meeting of tenants and can be changed at any time. The order of carrying out of such meetings is established by the Housing code of the Russian Federation. In houses where there are not privatised apartments, the organisation, subordinated will represent interests of their tenants to a city administration.

as a matter of fact, occurrence of management companies means transition bolshej housing and communal services parts in private hands. The management system municipal services which exists today, should give way to the new. As a result of an expense of a city for housing and communal services considerably will decrease, and people will have a possibility for own money to receive all those services which they will want - up to the concierge at an entrance. I think, for townspeople such system of service will cost approximately as much, how much and existing now. It is important to choose from all offers the professional organisation only. But the power should not refuse at once control over housing and communal services is my personal position. For this reason there is one company for which activity the city administration is ready to bear responsibility. At the same time creation TSZH is far not new experience. Tenants of many again constructed houses unite at once in fellowships.


Than is engaged municipal economy and ecology Department

- Forms and realises the city policy in accomplishment and ecology spheres;

- will organise works on city gardening;

- arranges well squares, beaches, parks, cemeteries, coastal territories of the rivers and reservoirs;

- prepares objects of an accomplishment for work during the winter period;

- will organise activity on stabilisation and improvement of a state of environment and maintenance of ecological security of residing of the population of a city;

- heads a staff on a city accomplishment; board of City ecological fund; the commission on protivopavodkovym to actions.

Dmitry`s BURLAKOVA photo.