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Boris Moiseyev has taken offence at the Samara governor

Konstantin Titus has not come on a concert of the actor

Welcome to Samara, uncle Lenin! - the actor at the Samara railway station any girl hotly greeted. why you me so name? - the singer was surprised. mum has told that you have made in the country sex - revolution - has explained to Moiseyev small samarchanka.

Boris has told Such history to spectators at a concert in the Samara philharmonic society. Assured that it is a naked truth.

- I try to work, I try not to guzzle, not to drink, not to walk, I hang out only with adult women... For what me so name? - A little naigranno the actor is surprised.

in Samara there lives Moiseyev`s first and last love

Samara Borja Moiseyev loves. And samartsy usually buy up all tickets for a concert sex - the revolutionary . But this time the actor has arrived to our city not in very good mood. On the eve of its concert in Saratov have detained at two o`clock from - for the joker who has phoned that the theatre in which performance should take place, is mined. As a result after a concert Moiseyev`s all troupe at o`clock in the morning was seen off on the train by six cars with flashers.

- yes to whom I am necessary? - The singer has smiled and, taking an opportunity, has congratulated on a professional feast of our militiamen.

- I pass all of them hot kisses! - he has added in the end of the congratulatory speech.

almost at once after the beginning of a concert Moiseyev has approached to stage edge and has started to search for someone a sight.

- I have gone to check up a place on which your governor Titus always sits. And it is not present! Pass it that I have taken offence! - he has explained to spectators.

and in the middle of performance Boris has joyfully begun to smile and has started to give up as a bad job where - that in the orchestra centre.

- Greetings, Palych! I so have missed thy pelmeshkam! A little table to me cover! - the singer has exclaimed, having seen among spectators of the owner of a network of the Samara restaurants of Andrey Suldina, and has explained to spectators: - Palych - my first and last love in Samara.

so at once it became clear, where Moiseyev will go after a concert.

- I on a broader scale - that on a diet sit, - Boris has explained. - tour - the manager in the USA to me has told that it is not necessary to eat rice, a potato, a flour, sugar, fruit. Really, two months has passed, and the physiognomy became better. But to guzzle so it would be desirable! When the Moscow premiere has ended, has come in Eliseevsky the epicure, has bought on 10 pies with jam, with a poppy, mushrooms, a potato and all has eaten them! And now again it is necessary to sit on a diet. But I will go today to Palychu and I will eat all. And then - fingers in a mouth. To it I have learnt in ballet school not to get fat.

Moiseyev knows a longevity secret

Throughout all concert Moiseyev sentenced from a scene: Borja the good. And you good - than surprised spectators much. As it has appeared, it is an element of philosophy of the actor.

- you understand, the person happily lives until while it has not opened a secret of the life, - Boris after a concert has shared the sights. - you want to smile - smile. You do not want - cry. Dare to love itself and not to irritate anybody. I without hesitating I say on public that Borja - good. I am never soared. And here how much I will not be soared, so much I and will live. And as soon as I will start to be soared that I yet national actor that at me was not present a summer residence near Samara to me the full item will come. ts. And write large letters on all page: P. TS! It is necessary to live, respecting life!