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Samara has seen CSKA stars

Capital soldiers have arrived to Samara after a year break with the new trainer and the updated structure

last year to the Samara fans and it was not possible to look at the command - dream - capital CSKA. Wards of well-known trainer Dushana Ivkovicha have played both calendar matches with ours pilots at home.

and this year the Moscow soldiers have arrived to Samara other structure. In inter-season period after a deafening failure in the Euroleague ending the star trainer and a number of star players, including the well-known forward Markus Brown have left the team. Today capital soldiers are trained by skilled Italian Ettore Messina. (He won Euroleague in 2003 with club Benetton ) . However, while its new command does not show brilliant game.

and all - taki CSKA is CSKA. To look at game samartsev with operating champion of Russia in sports Palace has come a lot of people. When still you will see alive well-known Panova, Andersen and the champion of Europe, Greek Papalukasa!

the Capital lustre was felt even in trifles. The head coach Messina and its assistants left on a platform in strict suits, blue shirts, at ties. And even balls to players on warm-up were submitted by the man dressed in a classical jacket. Especially impressed its boots polished to shine.

to honour of our pilots, they have not retired to the background before the formidable opponent. Samartsy fought as if played last time. Also have won against capital soldiers the first quarter. Basketball players quickly operated under and another`s boards, successfully bombed an enemy ring distant throws. And here still Papalukas has missed the mark both penal.

- Probably, today has eaten something not that, - tribunes gloated over.

Messina has become nervous, when the bill became 22:12 in advantage samartsev. The trainer took a time - a miss, then the second. Also has stirred, at last, sleeping soldiers. CSKA has played more aggressively, and on a game course the army military vehicle has begun to grow. Spectators have seen in business the well-known sheaf of basketball players of Holden - Andersen. Has burst trehochkovymi were dinamovets in Lengdon. But the grave-digger Samara pilots in last quarter there was a captain of CSKA Sergey Panov. It coolly, one after another, sent balls to a basket. Samartsy desperately struggled, but in last quarter obviously were tired. A match result - 65:81 in favour of capital soldiers.

- I will never wash now this footwear! - the boy rejoiced to the autograph.

Right after meetings to capital soldiers behind autographs have rushed basketball fans. One of children has asked Greek Papalukasa to undersign a marker on krossovke. Having received the treasured stroke, the happy boy has exclaimed:

- I will never wash now this footwear!

by the way, all without an exception star players willingly communicated with fans. Papalukas especially friendly behaved. The champion of Europe long-sufferingly waited, while fans shivering hands directed at it an objective. Also has left a lobby of the Palace of sports only after has distributed autographs to all interested persons.


Messina has abused Shabalkina

Eks - the player Samara TSSK could not play the Air Forces against the former command.

In inter-season period Samara TSSK the Air Forces were left by Nikita Shabalkin. One year ago capital CSKA has given the basketball player to pilots in rent. And recently has taken away back. Still! Nikita considerably progressed in game, supporting Samara. It has been recognised by the best young player in Russia in a season 2004 - 2005, and in the summer as a part of a youth national team became the champion of Europe. The head coach of ours pilots to the last was against returning of Shabalkina in CSKA, including it premature.

- Shabalkinu as early as would need to be played a year at us, it would do it only good - Oleg Kim spoke.

But the management of capital club has counted differently. On Saturday Nikita left as a part of CSKA against the former command. The basketball player on a platform uncomfortably felt. After several errors and unsuccessful throws Messina has cleaned the player from a platform and has arranged to it the present rating. The indignant Italian still for a long time could not come to the senses. Its command fought on a platform, and he all continued to tell off the young basketball player. SHabalkin almost all game has stayed on a bench. Messina has let out Nikita on pair minutes in a match ending.

- today Shabalkin has shown not the best game, - the head coach of CSKA was voiced after a match. - probably, it was nervous, because played to Samara.

- against the command it is always difficult to leave, - Nikita admitted. - the familiar people, familiar conditions it is always uneasy. I as though to myself home have arrived. And nostalgia, certainly, was.

- as to you it is played in CSKA?

- CSKA - the command very amicable. It is club with the aura and internal life. There are many things which help game. For example, we everyone in day of a match shout: CSKA - Moscow . The first time - to an exit on a platform, the second - in a break, and the third - in a locker room after game.

- you fine were abused today by the trainer. How you consider, for good reason?

- time abused, means for good reason, - Shabalkin has smiled in the answer.

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