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Ostriches in Pleasant are protected from a bird flu

Close to giants any living creatures do not approach - differently zapinajut

In otradnenskuju boarding school of 2 African ostriches have brought from Bryansk in the beginning of July. Already on road exotic birds have shown force and customs. Ostriches nadavali kicks to the director of a boarding school whom, showing live cargo to GAI officers, has approached to feathery too close.

moving two-year the male and two females - the Dollar, Gaba and the Hub - have worried hard. The southerners who have not got used to a draught have caught a cold on a new place, refused meal and all time sat. Treated their paint of Kostelani: smeared high temples brightly - a red solution. Till now the Hub and the Dollar pluck Gabu, and the veterinary surgeon only plants with hands: whether birds treat the girlfriend, whether beaks about it sharpen.

even the offspring at them does not turn out yet. The dollar did not manage to sit out any baby bird. Besides jealous Gaba has broken egg of the competitor.

- Only for one ostrich`s egg restaurants give from 50 to 100 dollars, - Alexey Stepanov has told.

It became clear that to fighters it is impossible to suppose children, after all force of blow of an ostrich - 152 kg. But feathery are capable to support children with the limited possibilities economically. Only for one ostrich`s egg in weight almost in two kilogrammes restaurants give from 50 to 100 dollars, dietary meat of feathery giants, beautiful feathers are appreciated.

- and here the bird flu precisely does not threaten ostriches, - Alexey Stepanov, the expert in cultivation of ostriches is assured. - they and it is close anybody to itself will not admit - neither healthy birds, nor infectious. Even me tried to kick, have not learnt, when I have put on a warm jacket. Has got also to a pit bull terrier who protected them.


Olga GERASIMOV, the head physician of the Samara city veterinary station:

- Now in Samara and area of a bird flu is not present. And here spring epidemic is probable on 90 %. Birds of passage can represent danger. The virus is passed through a feather, blood and giblets. Therefore for poultry it is necessary to prepare a protection interfering contacts. And it is necessary for hunters to burn all giblets of game.

Dmitry`s BURLAKOVA photo.