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Agutin leant on cognac

From - for it the singer has forgotten the repertoire.

the Barefoot boy has inexpressibly surprised samartsev when has stepped on the stage hardly reeling and has started to write out pretzel feet, trying to dance. After the first song Agutin has said braided language:

- I will ask workers of a smoke to go to a hall.

spectators have puzzly exchanged glances. Well whence it was the nobility that before the performance Agutin has reserved to bring in a make-up room 0,7 - a litre bottle of cognac Hennesi .

- If you like a concert in a bath, can continue. But to us it is better without a smoke? - Leonid has tried to explain the claims to workers of a scene.

to the Samara public of Anzhelika has shown magnificent feet.

After that the singer took a guitar in hands and some time silently it examined. Musicians have already struck the first chords, but Leonid continued to be silent.

- we here usually play something, - having come round, he was converted to spectators. - only I do not remember, what exactly...

- and you sing! - the voice from a hall was distributed.

- well estesssssno... I more am able nothing, - the musician has begun to smile and has struck a chord.

- yes it drunk! What at it to look? - Any indignant spectator has spoken in a bass and has in a pointed manner left a hall. In some minutes from a balcony have left some more person. The others samartsy waited for an exit of Anzheliki Varum.

Varum is dazzling smiled, changed one after another dresses: from a long vesper dress to supershort mini, opening magnificent feet. Here only the mood at a star, apparently, was not so. Some times Anzhelika directly on a scene wiped eyes, having turned away from spectators. And on a broader scale, tried to keep from Leonid far away. Probably, Agutin warmed up by cognac was not especially gentle with the spouse...

Dmitry`s BURLAKOVA photo.