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Skipping rope - the weapon of real men

16 - summer samarets Alexander Buklov has won the World championship on rhythmic gymnastics

Men and rhythmic gymnastics. Before recent time this combination raised a smile. Samartsy Alexander Buklov and Denis Jurov have in practice proved that can operate maces, a skipping rope and a hoop is not worse than little girls. And even have surpassed the weaker sex in virtuosity.

both sportsmen were engaged in rhythmic gymnastics only three months ago. But it has not prevented to become Sashe Buklovu the world champion among seigneurs (from 10 years and is more senior) on just come to the end tournament in Japan. Took priority C not only in all-round, but also in exercises with a hoop and a cane, and Denis Jurev has taken the fifth place in personal superiority. Sportsmen from 12 countries competed to ours. Koreans, Japanese and natives of Malaysia have appeared the strongest rivals.

the success of Sashi and Denis is not casual. Both since six years were engaged in sports gymnastics. And to cultivate a sport unusual to men in Samara Irina Wiener has advised the head coach of the Russian national team on rhythmic gymnastics.

it is interesting that the Japanese trainer, Kej Isida prepared for tournament of Sashu and Denis, - in the recent past the world champion.

- he did not swear at all and did not beat us on feet, - Alexander ingenuously admitted, - and still showed inconceivable poses. Could a foot and a hand to hold in the most different improbable positions. It is good, if he trained us and further...