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Boris Fradkov accuses the wife of larceny

the Most scandalous showman of province has put in in militia the statement for theft

About Boris Fradkov`s wedding one year ago wrote all Samara mass-media. 53 - summer Boris and 21 - summer Dilara willingly told to a press about love at first sight. A newly-married couple have filled up with gifts, and as the host on a celebration has arrived main matershchinnik Roman Trahtenberg countries...

On all house there were urns

Alas, idyll has ended for the third day after wedding.

- Dilja has left in night club, - Boris Jakovlevich remembers. - Has arrived at daybreak. Then these night trips became habitual business...

Fradkov did for the wife everything that in its forces.

- as - that we all company have left on island, - Boris Jakovlevich tells. - Dilja where - that has left and was gone. Inflow has begun. We have become agitated, have rushed on searches. Have found Dilju sleeping on a belt in water... She has strongly caught a cold, and I then sent it to Baden - Baden to restore health...

after a marriage Boris Fradkov waited that its house becomes the present family centre. But...

- On all my remarks that in apartment is not tidied up and the dinner is not ready, Dilja responded: You that, poor? Employ the servant - Boris Jakovlevich continues. - Has reached that the wife has bought a heap small plastic urnochek and has placed on all house. To it was laziness to go to a garbage can, therefore she threw garbage in these coasters .

Under summonses of inspector Dilara does not come.

Suffer, at it heart sick

in the Summer between spouses quarrel from - that the young wife has again come home at daybreak and tipsy has flashed.

- I will expel you! - Boris has not born.

- yes you have gone! - Dilara has waved away.

At Fradkov has taken heart.

- with sharp heart attack me have taken away in kardiotsentr. Month I lay in hospital. Dilja has come to me only once - to ask money.

after an extract from hospital I lived in the country: doctors recommended to be in the open air and not to work, because operation laid ahead me. And so, on a summer residence of Dilja too did not come and has never taken an interest, as I feel.

once I have arrived home and have casually heard conversation of Dili with her mother. That has told about me Dilare: Suffer hardly - hardly. At it heart sick...

property - half-and-half!

According to Fradkov, Dilja carefully prepared at this time for leaving. Has collected in the house documents on all property - the refrigerator, cellular telephones, the camera, doors, kitchen, a sink, garage, the car, the certificate on the property on apartment...

having returned from a summer residence, Fradkov has found out houses only empty boxes.

- at me as in hostel. You open a box - there any bumazhechki, - Boris Jakovlevich grins. - But also it not all. From safe Dilja has pulled out money, och - chen a great sum. Even the car has withdrawn from my garage.

having understood that Dilara has deceived him, Fradkov in September has issued divorce. And has then put in in militia the statement, having accused the former wife of theft and swindle. In the answer of Dilara has brought an action against property section, having presented documents which has collected in apartment, and having requested 50 percent from all good that is at Fradkov. A pier as I was the lawful wife, property half-and-half.

Under summonses of inspector Dilara does not come. However, without disappearing, visits night clubs.

- I much forgave Dile, - Boris Fradkov sighs. - but that she has thrown me when there was a heart attack when I rolled in hospital, I can not forgive.

at Fradkov - new heart

Despite drama events in home life, Boris Fradkov has not despaired. Has first of all gone to Moscow where the best surgeons of Russia who has got up Boris Yeltsin, have made samartsu operation.

- in my heart now three iron details, - Fradkov smiles. - I I ring At the airports when I pass through the metal detector. But I feel fine, pressure as at the cosmonaut! And has still grown thin for 7 kg, and now from me favourite trousers fall down. Recently went on meeting Russian media - groups and has received expensive award for the best advancement of a trade mark across Russia in 2005. In general, new life has appeared perfect. I want to warn all muzhiks only: be vigilant!


Marina PRAVDINA, the senior inspector of investigatory department Samara ROVD Samaras:

- I already faced Dilaroj Gareevoj in the practice when I in manufacture had a business about cellular telephone theft. Dilara at that time worked in regional Office of Public Prosecutor as the bookkeeper. From an office has stolen someone`s mobile phone. All interrogated have specified in it. Then checked, who uses this phone - her name was highlighted. While all of us made out, Dilara has married Fradkov and has left with it to Cuba. Therefrom we have not got it. And then have simply forgotten. Affairs about theft of mobile phones go to militias packs...

as to theft of money from Fradkov`s house business, most likely, will not reach court. Officially Boris and Dilara at that time were in marriage, and it as the wife, had the right of them to take. From the point of view of the law of Dilaru it is very difficult to bring under article. It is almost impossible to prove, when Boris Fradkov has earned money - before wedding or after.