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I meet the girl. It has a girlfriend to whom I very much am pleasant. So it has turned out that I have decided to take a walk with this girlfriend. Her name is Olja. And after gathered to the girl Dashe. We with Olej have agreed nothing to tell Dashe about our walk. At parting we kiss Olej, I speak:
- At you such tasty lipstick!
she artfully smiles:
- Aha, and besides it is not washed off!
to Dashe has not gone.

Recently the wife with children has left to have a rest. The neigbour here comes and asks to hang out the linen at me on a balcony, and that at her place ropes have come off. That not to help - the wife all the same at a distant day will arrive, and I hardly will erase. It has hung up the linen, and by the evening the wife has returned - the child was ill. And at me on a balcony the whole heap of another`s female things. Has hardly proved that it only from noble purposes.

Recently observed a scene: there is a muzhik near the house. From the seventh floor very large lady is put out and shouts:
- Kohl, wait, I already treat!
the muzhik in the answer:
- And can, I am better for the lift attendant I descend?

I Work in musical educational institution. I go as - that a fast pace through foyer where students sit, and I hear behind the back:
- Time - two, time - two!
I think, about me. I turn and speak:
- it is not ridiculous.
through any time I go back and me after the same students:
- the Girl, excuse, of course, but we checked microphones.

Have come into a supermarket, have bought products, we approach to cash desk. The cashier with a badge Tamara and a dead-pan names the sum with copecks. I as usual ask: the Trifle want? The cashier, without changing in the person, a deep voice:
- All I want.
I already from cash desk have jumped aside. It is visible, for a long time at it change was.

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