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How much are same produktypitanija in Rossiii abroad?

we continue a serial in which we compare cost of the identical goods and services at us and abroad (the beginning see in from September, 29th, 13, 20, on October, 27th). We learn the prices in the largest cities of the world. We do it to understand how is in Russia - better or worse, than abroad.

in last releases we have learnt that the prices for clothes and home appliances at us practically do not differ from the foreign. To get the habitation rossijanu, considering level of our incomes, more difficult, than to the European. But in last release of a serial we have found out that new foreign cars in our country cost cheaper, than behind a hillock.

this time we will compare the prices for meal. Our Russian reporters and foreign sobkorry learnt average cost of products in large network markets. We have not forgotten to result for comparison and average salaries in different cities of the world - them to us were informed by our correspondents and statistical departments of other countries.

as how much in a grocery basket

For convenience of readers all prices we have translated in roubles at a Central Bank rate of the Russian Federation to November, 1st, 2005


Abroad lives more richly, but we - with ikroju!

Igor Nikolaev, the director of department of the strategic analysis of company FBK:

- the Prices for products at us favourably differ from the prices in Europe. You will look, so all in comparison is cheap! Partly it speaks severe constraints in which there was our agriculture. In the same France the state for a long time dotiruet manufacturers of agricultural products. Our farmers are not spoilt by attention of the authorities and that the goods were competitive, are urged to market it zadeshevo. The Standard of living in States, in Europe several times differs from ours. Buyers there more richly, and the price develops of supply and demand. Therefore it is perfect it is no wonder that there the prices above, than at us.

and cheap import on our show-windows appears for many reasons. If in rich cities of the world can buy the goods at the high prices such price will not pass in Russia. But it is possible to sell more cheaply and all the same to get profit. Besides, when there is a gain of another`s market, the prices decrease osoznanno, but in due course importers will make up for the.

P. S. Not all products habitual for Russians, our correspondents managed to find abroad in usual shops. Well do not buy in supermarkets of Vienna, New York and Antalya red caviar! Though to get this delicacy in the West, naturally, it is possible. In Antalya tourists I go in shops, as a rule, do not buy, eat basically at restaurants and cafe. The local population pork does not favour - therefore in the table a crossed out section...

have prepared: Valery RUKOBRATSKY, Nigina BEROEVA, Dmitry poluhin;
our foreign sobkorry: Oleg SHEVTSOV, Evgenie UMERENKOV, Evgenie BELIKOV, Igor JAVLJANSKY, Maria BELOKLOKOVA, Karen MARKARJAN;
Ekaterina YEFIMOV`S regional correspondent (- Samara ).