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Defender Dmitry Vorobev has legal proceedings with Ladoj

the Hockey player wants to leave in the Locomotive

the Uneasy situation has developed round three hockey players Tolyatti Frets - defenders Dmitry Vorobeva, Andrey Kruchinina and forward Dmitry Kazionova. The matter is that till last moment it was not clear, there are they in the command or not. Now on players Frets leading clubs of the Superleague apply. So, Yaroslavl the Locomotive thirsts to catch Dmitry Vorobeva, and Moscow the Dynamo Kruchininym and Kazionovym wish to amplify. And now volzhanam to save the players, it is necessary to defend the rights in court.

one of these days to toljattintsam the first success in " has come; transfer wars . On the eve of game with Siberia arbitration committee PHL (Professional hockey league) recognised the rights Frets on own hockey players. Fans can exult: defender Andrey Kruchinin will already precisely continue to support toljattintsev, Kazionov, most likely, too remains on coast of Volga. And here a situation with Dmitry Vorobevym much more difficult. Dissatisfied with the contract sum, the defender will begin judicial suit with the club. Sparrows intend to appeal against against the decision of arbitration board PHL in court. Dmitry does not hide that wants to pass in the Locomotive motivating the decision with that the Harmony does not carry out before it of contract obligations.

is a statement does not represent the facts, - has declared a press - the attache Frets Hope of Babryshova. - We have completely paid off with the left players and we guarantee performance of contract obligations by the remained.

Toljattintsy intend to continue struggle for the perspective player. After all in the conditions of an acute shortage of high-class hockey players the club should work with young not fired Shots. It is no wonder that last match with Siberia looked younger the Harmony has lost 0:2.