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The defender “ Wings “ Mettju But:U me simply hair do not grow!

football players have met the Samara students

On Wednesday audience Ή500 cΰμΰπρκξγξ technical university has been jammed. Students - fans in informal conditions communicated with football players “ Wings “ Karenom Dohojanom, Mettju Butom, Omari Tetradze and Alexander Makarovym.

Visitors spoke about the difficult period in life of the command and problems of all Russian football much.

- if to compare our football and European, it as the sky and the earth! - rubanul plain truth of Omari Tetradze. - We deceive ourselves, when we say that the Russian football becomes better, rises from year to year on steps. And whatever trainer have put, Russian or the foreigner, problems all the same remain. Look, in a national team there is only one central defender. It is Ignashevich. If he was ill or was traumatised, in protection problems at once begin. In Russia there are no children`s sports schools. There is one strong, in Tolyatti. But such schools should be on all country. Then also football would be another.

Mettju But has disagreed with opinion of Tetradze.

- I in Russia play three years and I see that your championship all becomes stronger every year, - the sportsman from the republic of South Africa has noted.

But remains in “ Wings “

Giant Mettju (growth of the defender - 199 sm) on a broader scale used special attention of public. Fans were interested, why But is cut under a zero and goes in the same sweater. Mettju has explained that the sweater - favourite, and about the hairdress has joked:

- At me simply hair do not grow!

but has pleased with other statement:

- I remain in “ Wings “ the next year also I will try to strengthen the game. In this season I played well, but it is not enough.

“ we Will support Ukraine “

the Question on what girls are pleasant to them, has forced football players to be confused. And they have preferred to save this information as fiduciary. But sportsmen have willingly informed, for what national teams will be ill in the forthcoming World championship. It has appeared that Karen Dohojan most of all sympathises with Brazilians, and other three football players will support a national team of Ukraine because for it the captain " plays; Wings “ Andrey Gusin.